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IMG_7513I am forever a fan of Airbnb after the last few trips we have had. We have chosen to start using Airbnb because it keeps the cost down for two bedrooms, usually a yard and we can cook at home. It is more planning and work to cook while on vacation but we aren’t sitting in restaurants with our three active boys, its healthier and we save money. Here are a few tips that help me when preparing food and a menu for an Airbnb stay. (Psst giveaway at the end, keep reading.)

1. Create a menu/meal plan. I knew the weekend weather would be overcast so I planned for cooler temps which worked out well.

It was a bit chilly and overcast the whole weekend. We had good time swimming in the waves in torrential downpour.

2. Have meals already prepared, packed and ready to go. We used our Lock&Lock Feather light tumbler to keep our oatmeal warm on the drive home. We also used frozen suman to keep our food cold on the way up.

Pictured above is rice, fruit, already cut pineapple, adobo, spaghetti sauce, oatmeal, pre-made salad, eggs, noodles, cereal and milk.

3. Utilize the kitchen you have.

This was the best equipped kitchen we have had since using Airbnb. They had an oven, stove, rice cooker, toaster, coffee maker, refrigerator/freezer, filtered water provided and many condiments. It was awesome to cook in.
I loved this very open spacious kitchen. The cardboard box is my very sophisticated food hauler.

Here was our sample meal plan for the trip:

SaturdayLunch: Drive up was packed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and apples.


Dinner: Chili Con Carne (already made we just had to heat up), rice (most homes have rice cookers) and salad (pre-made). IMG_7408.jpg

SundayBreakfast: Hardboiled eggs (pre-made), fruits and suman. That suman is from Budbud at Salcedo Saturday market and is to die for! IMG_7410

Lunch: Nachos. We used the left over chili con carne and had chili cheese nachos. I like bringing a whole watermelon because it isn’t fussy to transport and easy to prepare fresh.

Dinner: Spaghetti (we boiled noodles on the stove but you can also do in a rice cooker), salad (pre-made) and pandesal locally bought.

MondayBreakfast: Chocolate oatmeal and bananas. I had never used Quaker instant                              oats until recently and the chocolate ones are so yummy and easy to use. You                            just add hot milk.

    Lunch: Quesedillas and fruits. IMG_7472.jpg

Food temperature is super important to me. If something is meant to be cold it should be cold. If food is meant to be warm it should be warm, not room temperature. After a few hours travel I become bored of dry snacks and can’t look at another McDonalds. I want food with substance and temperature. This drive home we did a small science experiment with Lock&Lock Feather light tumbler. Supposedly the tumbler can hold its temperature, hot or cold, up to six hours. I thought I would involve the boys and do an experiment by checking the temp every hour. So we prepared chocolate oatmeal and gave it a go!

First hour, thumbs up! You could feel the warmth when you opened the lid.

Second hour, thumbs up!

Third hour it definitely passed the test.
Hour four I took it on the road and you bet it was still warm.

We are happy to report that the tumbler kept our oatmeal warm for over six hours! Huzzah.

It can also keep water cool over night. I filled my tumbler up with cold pandan and lemon grass water and was able to enjoy it the next day. Amazing, right?

As I mentioned previously, temperature is key to my pallet. I laughed a few months back when my Swedish friend got me a new glass of water and replied, “Oh I forget you are American and like your water cold.” I cannot deny this. It gave me a good chuckle. The other features I love about the tumbler is the size, it doesn’t ‘sweat’ and my kids can all use it easily. One of the main selling points is that it is lighter than my phone (iphone 6s+), ha!

You want one? If you head on over to my IG (amommabroad) I am giving one lucky follower a tumbler of their choice. Go have a looksie. Giveaway ends Monday September 12. 

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