A Colorful Life

dsc08894I like creating. As a momma I wear my creator hat proudly. I like creating memories, costumes, songs, toy schemes, recipes and a beautiful life among many other things. This certainly doesn’t mean that my life is picturesque (it’s not, unless poopy diapers and a pee riddled toilet are picturesque) but I feel happy when I look at my life and see a beautiful one. I have written before about how important meal times are to us and in our home. On occasion I like being fancy and pull out all the stops for just a family meal. I like having a table runner, colorful dish ware and cloth table linens. These are absolutely not necessary but I have them, I like them and I use them. DSC08879.jpg

Two summers ago while touring Montezuma’s Castle in Sedona Arizona we had a guide who explained details about ancient artifacts from the Ancestral Peubloans. One of these artifacts on display was a cloth bracelet that had been died a beautiful scarlet red which is derived from a cochineal, an insect. It was stunning and proved that even though during ancient times where they hunted and worked hard labor, they still appreciated color and beauty…they had a beautiful life. I have come to understand that having a beautiful and colorful life is something that holds a purpose for me. Now, you’ll understand why something as silly as table linens are endearing to me.

The conchineal is derived from the cactus plant and was shaken out with a deer tail. Mother nature sure works wonders.

I am a small town girl, turned island girl, turned suburban girl, turned city girl. I don’t mind wearing this hat as metropolitan momma and seeing what city life has to offer. I like living in a global city with diverse flare and dining options and big name brands that call Manila home. Everyone was loosing their minds the year we got H&M, Old Navy and Crate&Barrel. Seriously, Manila is getting everythaaaaaang. 🙂 I was lucky enough to brunch at the introduction event for Crate&Barrel’s fall collection 2016, Once In A Blue Room. I had no idea the depth blue could add to a feeling. Blue can resemble the light sky of summer, iridescent ice of Christmas or the deep tones of fall. I am totally into shibori and I think C&B nailed the mature version of this fad with a deep blue, natural whites and woods. Three years ago I had my couch covered in a cobalt canvas and am feeling pretty good about that choice. I had no idea it would be so hip, haha, go me! Anyway, my message is not to tell you that you need to have a colorful life or buy more of XYZ but to show that if these elements speak to you, you needn’t look far.

Photo circa 2013 at our old house in San Lorenzo. Our couch had just been upholstered in a deep cobalt. I had no idea that would eventually become a popular color, way to go me!

Marimekko has long been a design crush of mine and what surprise to see C&B had a line. Oh my!

It is pretty cool to hear the team from C&B explain why the brand chose the color scheme they did for fall. This year they are veering away from the typical red, maroons and scarlets and offering a warmer pallet. This includes wood, bleach wood, gray, steel and navy. This pallet is warm, clean and current. Textiles and home decor is something I love so learning more about the whole process is exciting for me.

We brunched on an English breakfast whilst sampling the new ceramic line.

Pumpkin soup with red quinoa topping.
A traditional English breakfast.
Finally, a no guilt dessert. Greek yogurt, walnuts, blueberries and drizzled honey.
This cabinet speaks to me. The wood, white and cobalt are a color scheme I can play with at home. I love the natural edges and indents on the white ceramics. It sure is lovely.

Crate & Barrel Philippines has stores in Glorietta, SM Megamall, and SM Aura.



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  1. These Tired Sleepy Eyes | Samantha Raine says:

    I have a weakness for crate and barrel. My baking pans and marble top I bought from them, also our plates and bowls! I love how well made their products are..


    1. amber says:

      You really do love them


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