Landers,The Superest Store of Them All


Oh. My.  Goodness. Hold on to your butts fellow mommas, this place is the bomb. LANDERS is the newest superstore to Manila and it is sleek, clean and has one of a kind items. The branding is fabulous as are the finds.

Check out Landers Mom’s Day Out. DSC09479.jpgLANDERS is brought to you by local retail agents, South East Asia Retail Inc. This is the first venture but their second store is opening next week in Paco Manila area. (Calling any diplomats who work/live up in Pasay, this is your location!) LANDERS is native to The Philippines and has worked hard to bring international brands to Manila. They have brands I have never seen here in Manila, Honest Co and Hatch Green Chile salsa to name a few. While they are a super store and do carry bulk items they also carry single size. DSC09478.jpgThe kids inspected the tv’s and they work great. Also, let us take a moment to appreciate the clean and organized space.

As with many superstores they aim to be a one stop shop. LANDERS is the most mega one stop shop store I have been to here.

I loved the kitchen essentials available. Below you will find glasses, a Kitchen Aid, Hurom Juicer on sale, baking sheets, oven griddle and Swiffer Wet Jet refills which were non-existent here in 2012. I wanted that griddle so bad and it is Nordic Ware too! (psst tip: click on the images to expand for prices.)

There was a lot to offer in terms of home and family. I am a sucker for home furnishings. Decorating is a weakness and I was digging this couch and the heaps of Ikea products. There was a number of organizational tools for the home including the roadside emergency kit and luggage scale. For the kids paint by number and the mini trampoline. As I said before, one stop shop. You could have Christmas done in one trip to Landers.

I was super impressed with the self care products, especially in terms of a healthy approach. They had a number of Honest Co products, Neosporin and tea tree oil hair kits (used for lice as well.)

Any health conscience, vegetarians or vegans out there, your options just grew! I was blown away by how many healthy options were available. I stocked up on the spray coconut oil and organic lollipops that are naturally sweetened. They make a great bribe. Pictured below is avocado oil, coconut spray, dates (I like this size as other options in Manila only come in huge tubs), vegetarian beans, sprouted breads buns and bagels, turkey burgers (I know!), chia seeds (around 600php), a whole organic section, gluten free pretzel rods, vegannaise and amaranth.

Then the heavens parted and LANDERS gave us manna from above in the form of tortilla chips, Hatch Green Chile Salsa (!!!) and Texas Pete hot sauce. Then things just got funny and I found Kool Aid and Cheese Whiz. Blast from the past. Also, I have never seen boxed cooking wine but it’s there if any of you are into that.

We don’t drink alcohol but a friend of mine mentioned how impressed her husband was with the beer selection. Everyone who has been to LANDERS has been losing their minds over the wine ice cream. So there’s that.

The check out process was seamless and simple. I was there around 11:30 am and there were no lines. dsc09558

This my loot I took home. The price I paid overall was comparable to S&R. Before I visited LANDERS I thought the prices were much higher but in actuality they were not. dsc09617dsc09618Now, all that stuff is really great but the grand finale is hands down the food court. That place transported me to an East Coast upper class food court. It is swanky! Don’t let the swank fool you, the price is perfection. The whole concept of Lander’s Central Station is brilliant. The packaging is eye catching and the food is right up there with it. Many people come just to eat at Landers Central. There is also a very classy barber shop that I didn’t make it to. dsc09573Look at the simple and sleek design? It adds such a feel to the dining experience. It was Ikea meets New York up in there. All good things. IMG_8476.jpgdsc09579There was a separate coffee shop across the seating area that had divine ice cream! Again, if you are vegan their soy mint chip is so divine!  dsc09569dsc09611The boys loved eating and watching the choo choo train (LRT) drive by the large windows. Proved to be very entertaining during lunch.  dsc09591Landers Centrals even offers whole wheat pizza! First I have ever found in Manila. The chicken roll-up was so flavorful and was actually cooked all the way through which is often the down fall with other establishments. IMG_8482.jpgI traveled to Italy when I was 19 and remember thinking it was crazy that they ate french fries on pizza. It felt a bit European in Landers Central so this only seemed right to eat pizza this way. 🙂 IMG_8494.jpg

Things To Know:

  • Lander is located at  1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, Quezon City  -AND-
    Otis, Manila
    1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila
  • Otis Branch
    Balintawak Branch
  • Stores are open from 9am – 9 pm daily.
  • Membership is 800php for personal with one extension and Business is 1000 with four extensions. You can find many FAQ’s here. *Currently there is a 20% discount until December for memberships.
  • I know it may seem far if you are coming from Makati but if you come on a weekend or holiday it is absolutely worth it. If you live in Pasay/Alabang do visit the Otis Branch as it is very accessible. As I mentioned before, my friend said she would come up for the alcohol selection alone. If you are going north you could build this stop into your trip.
  • The only product I wished was there that I did not find was a block of cheese in between the really huge blog and the small blocks. I hope they start to carry a medium 300php type cheese.
  • They were rearranging many products when I visited so some prices were missing but it was very easy to ask an attendant.

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