Once Upon A Warehouse in Taytay

img_8197Taytay really is the motherland of fabrics. My Taytay post is the most popular on my blog and for good reason. It is the freaking bomb! If you have any need for fabrics Taytay is where you want to go. HOLD ON, I got distracted. I found a new place and by total accident, a WAREHOUSE! Or should I say, WAREHOUSES! That’s right. The photos speak for themselves so keep on scrolling. “Scrolling with my homies…” name that tune! img_8173img_8176img_8179img_8183

Most of the shops were full of knit, stretch knit and very limited supplies of canvas and cotton. Many of the warehouses sold by the roll and a few sold by the kilo with a minimum of 10 kilos. You need to just go around to each warehouse and ask. At the front of the compound there was small vendors that would sell by the kilo. The selection was limited but it is an option. The compound just opened earlier in the summer so some spaces were completely empty. Overall they were very organized and clean.

img_8207img_8208When you see a sign like this one you stop immediately and explore. That’s truly what happened. We were on our way to Rizal Ave when all the sudden, bam! We didn’t even need to go all the way to the other shops. Hurray for new finds! img_8210Here is the general spot for the warehouses. It isn’t exact as they are brand new but they are located towards the beginning of Highway 2000. The vendors all have business cards but I didn’t even get one, sorry! If you go, make a contact and then you have instant communication to the warehouse. Good luck friends! IMG_8222.jpg

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  1. vinneve says:

    Wow! I learned something new today thanks!


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