Hey Kessy + A Momma Abroad


Manila keeps throwing these awesome opportunities at me and I think the best way to receive them is with open arms and two feet fully jumping in. S0, I guess I teach sewing classes now! I studied for a few years and have sewn most of my life. I am not professionally trained but I do love it and have a few years experience. My favorite is sewing home decor and costumes. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to teach a class with Hey Kessy. I have written about Mansy numerous times and how Hey Kessy has revolutionized Manila for me. I was slightly freaking out when I saw the email in my inbox for the teaching invitation.

You can read more about my sewing background here.

I recently used my beloved Inabel to make couch cushions.
Starting them young, just how I did.

The class was held at Hey Kessy’s new space in UP Town Center. I love that mall. Malls are something you learn to love when living in Asia. I love Filipino’s because they are so friendly and it makes it easy for group/class settings. The space was small but we still had fun, learned and took away a felt appliqué tote.

My aim for the class was to ignite an excitement for creating and sewing. Sewing often gets filed under domestication or old lady skill. Guys, sewing can be so cool and refreshing! I wanna take it back for our generation. Let’s be makers!

The wagon that carried two sewing machines and all my supplies. I looked silly toting this through a mall.

My class learned how to thread a machine, stitch straight and curved lines, cut out a design and then appliquéd on a tote.

My youngest student was 12 years old! She was a natural on the machine. For other students the machines weren’t that easy to catch the hang of. If this happens to you just keep trying!

My sweet baby with Paul, co-founder of Hey Kessy.
Hurray! All my students smiling and satisfied.
I love the open feeling of UP Town.
Yes, I am that mom who lets her kids play in fountains.

I found that I love teaching. There are always ways to get better and after teaching my first class many aspects became apparent. It left me for a hunger to create more and teach more. So, if you know of a venue who wants to collaborate, lets have a class!

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