Mandaue Foam, Take Two

Last weeks venture to Taytay was fun but the two-hour traffic drive home needed a silver lining. Lucky for us, we drove right by Mandaue Foam. Hallelujah! Mandaue is going off right now! When I share about stores and products it isn’t to push you to consume but more to alleviate any feelings of ‘we don’t have this’ or ‘I wish Manila had…’. Manila is getting everythaaang. Sometimes it is a substitute and sometimes that substitute is even better.

You can read my first post about Mandaue Foam here. 

Was loving the selection of carpets. I was pleased with the quality and price. These were around 5000-7000php. You can find their prices online.

The pillows are aesthetically appealing. The price is cheap and the quality is as well. I had the black and white triangle pillow and it didn’t last more than a month. Granted, I have three boys and the pillow was cheap so it wasn’t a big bust.

Decor pieces a plenty. These were around 400-1000php, found here.

I really like the range of design and price they offer. I think the styles are diverse enough that everyone can find something. These showrooms really reminded me of Ikea. I also bought the red stainless stools for our kitchen and love them! Mine are the stainless color, don’t scratch and super sturdy.

The child sofa on the left was super cheap and could be covered easily. It could be a great accent piece on a budget.

The lighting selection Mandaue offers is really great. I was loving the new copper line. I only wish it had a matte finish.

Manda Foam has many locations all over The Philippines. Find a store here or have your items shipped to you. I have never had a delivery so I cannot comment on how well it works. If you do please share as I am curious to know. Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.09.16 PM.png

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  1. Savanna says:

    We are having our 2 loft beds, 2 desk chairs, 2 twin mattresses, a king foam mattress topper and a partridge in a pear tree delivered next Tuesday!! Thanks for the recommendation! I will let you know how it goes. I think there was a PhP350 delivery fee and possibly a small gate fee for my village, but that’s it!


    1. amber says:

      Woah!!! Awesome. Hope it all works out well. Hurray!


    2. amber says:

      lol about the partridge in a pear tree. Haha!


  2. Awwww! You’ve been in Taytay pala.. I live nearby, too bad wasn’t able to see you and your kids 🙂


    1. amber says:

      Oh cool! We will try 14 Four Cafe very soon.maybe we can meet. 🙂 Also, we go to the festival in Angono in November

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woah! I know where 14 Four Cafe is! It’s near to my alma mater, however, I’ve never been/tried it yet. O-M-G!!!!!! Thank you so much hihi 🙂 Is that Higantes festival in Angono?


  3. amy vota says:

    Are any of the branches better than others? bigger selection? Thakns!


    1. amber says:

      Good question! I say whichever is closest to you. If they don’t have stock at that branch they can have it delivered to you or the store. 🙂


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