GENKI SUSHI, The Funnest Way To Dine In Manila

EEEEK! I figured out how to do videos. If there was one post that motivated me it was this post. You have to see the sushi be served on a race car or train for the full effect.

IMG_8355.jpgGenki Sushi is seriously the funnest restaurant around! My boys loved BWW because of the tablets, McDonald’s for the happy meals and Slappy Cakes for the creativity but Genki wins for the whole family! The food is good, healthy and it is crazy entertaining. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a dining experience so precise yet mind blowing. Let’s give thanks for Manila bringing it to us. We are getting everythaaaang. 🙂

DSC09447.jpgGenki Sushi is located at the new Bonifacio Stop over and would be perfect to combine a little Pokemon Go to cap of your Japanese culture night. 🙂 DSC09449.jpgOf course, the restaurant is very clean and organized. In each booth you will find cups, saucers, chop sticks, hot water and fresh green tea. DSC09453.jpgThe menu and tablets for ordering are also in each booth. DSC09456.jpgDSC09458.jpgKids get super into it! What a great way for them to feel ownership over their choices and accountability for money. DSC09461.jpgThanks to good friends who visit places and say, “You need to go here!” That’s what I love about this community, helping one another find happiness here. DSC09470.jpgThe screens are actually just mounted tablets. The kids scrolled through the menu, picked what they wanted, checked the price and then hit order. IMG_8356.jpgIMG_8365.jpgAfter you submit your order you anxiously await your order being served by race car or train! My baby was in heaven! “Choo choo choo!” IMG_8384.jpgAfter your order is delivered click the yellow button and off it goes returning to the kitchen. IMG_8360.jpg

Noodles for the win! If your kids don’t love sushi do not fret, many other options are available.
Tip: Their desserts are really good. The strawberry ice cream had tons of real strawberries in it.

Things To Know:

  • Bonifacio Stopover
    Taguig 1634
     Phone: 7536248
  • A new branch is set to open at UP Town Center in the next months.
  • Overall the food was good. Not the best sushi in Manila but still very delicious.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Wooooow! My husband is ready to hop back on plane to Manila just to go here.


    1. amber says:

      Lol! Worth it. Jk


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