Pinoy Halloween


dsc09861I love Halloween and I love how much The Philippines loves Halloween. I wanted to do a tribute of costumes to the daily magic I find here in The Pilipinas. There really is everyday magic for me found in the jingle of the sorbetero, the yell of the “tahooooo” and the smile of the security guards. I chose these iconic costumes because they are vivid stamps that will be forever etched in my Philippine’s memories. I hold them dearly. I thought it would be fun to dress my little Pinoy boys up and do a photo shoot and inspire somebody else to find daily magic in their life here. So I give to you my Sorbetero, Taho Boy and Security Guard with as much love as I can. You are a rare gift Pilipinas and I looooove you.

For the sorbetero I really wanted the push cart to look authentic with the knobs, the large colorful font, Micromatic umbrella and the bells of course. *Most items I had on hand but if I didn’t I picked up at the Marikina dry market.dsc09871The Taho Boy was easy peasy! It was a must that the stainless buckets, plastic cups, dipper, wooden plank and towel were included. dsc09812A fitted shirt and some personalized badges were what immediately came to mind for the Security Guard.


The Sorbetero cart is a cardboard box I spray painted. I created the lids with cardboard and hot glued wooden beads for the handles. The rainbow umbrella was purchased from the Marikina dry market and I used my vinyl cutter to for the Micromatic logo. The Micromatic is so iconic I couldn’t leave it out. dsc09840

The Taho Boy was one of my favorites to put together because it is so simple but so iconic with just a few pieces. The bamboo, buckets, cups and dipper were all purchased from the Marikina dry market for under 400php. dsc09925


When you think of Manila how can you not think of the security guards? The Security Guard was actually the hardest for me to nail! I didn’t realize how many little pieces were necessary. Luckily, we picked up the tie, hat and badges from the Marikina dry market. All for under 300php. The badges themselves were only 30php each. I had the gold badges, white gloves, dowels and uniform already. I just added them with hot glue. I also tightened my son’s shirt with a loose stitch that I will remove come Monday when he needs his uniform for school, ha!



Happy Halloween, Pinoy style!


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  1. The taho is the winner!

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  2. nappykaye says:

    Love this, Amber! You are true-blue Pinoy!!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha this is so amazing Amber! I love it? You are a genius!

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  4. vinneve says:

    Haha! So cool! I like it all 🙂

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  5. Love the creativity behind their costumes! The sorbetero boy looked a lil bit grumpy, maybe not enough sorbetes buyers that day? 😀


  6. Clariz says:

    All with Filipino touch. Galing a.


    1. amber says:



  7. ampaopao says:

    I wanna copy the Taho Boy for next Halloween! Haha cute!


  8. shiko-chan says:

    All so ingenious and adorable! ❤


    1. amber says:

      Your comments are all so kind and encouraging. Thank you! I am so grateful.


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