L’Indochine Loves

Look familiar? It was this shoot that gave me the itch. 

I am constantly amazed at how Filipinas get it done! They have a dream, make goals, do the work and get it done! I mention too often how much I love L’Indochine, it is my happy place and smells amazing by the way.  The styles they produce as well as their local collaborations are well curated, inspirational and downright good looking. I first snuck a peek at a large painted tin many months ago and my eyes literally expanded when I saw it. After a few inquiries I was told to wait until the line officially launched. Oh happy day, the Anina Rubio X L’indochine line has launched it is so good. Like so so good. Don’t take my word for it, look below.

The hand painted tin that caught my eye! 

The inspiration seekers, Char and Leona, collaborated with well-known local calligraphy and watercolor artist Anina Rubio. She was inspired be her travels here with in The Philippines and the natural elements of beauty.

“The collection is close to heart and it is generally inspired by nature elements in the Philippines such as Banana leaves, Coconut leaves, Hibiscus, Urchins, Corals and Seaweeds. My designs are also more pattern oriented – which is a deviation from my usual typography/ calligraphy artworks. Each piece, despite being from the same collection, has different pattern.” (L’Indochine Press Release) Photos courtesy of Sheila Catilo. 

The mom in me was admiring the wet bag for bathing suits which would be used to for spoilt clothes. Bikinis for binkies. 🙂

The collection features a group of three small journals. I bought two sets and have been giving them away as small gifts. 

As always, The Philippines knows how to party and have a launch so we kicked off the collaboration with a water color class by Anina herself. I love the welcoming culture of bringing kids to events here, its heartwarming for me.

The #L’Indochine Loves AninaRubio collection is available at L’Indochine, located at the 4th level of SM Mega Fashion Hall and at the 3rd level of SM Aura Premier.

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