Super Goods Smell-O-Gram

Play with your food‘ is a social media movement I can totally get down with. My experience as an early childhood educator and currently a mom of young ones has taught me how important it is that children get the sensory play they need. So, spill the smoothie and finger paint in, smash the chips and then sweep them up, roll your dough and cut it. I encourage this play all within reason. (I think #ChandaPoppins would have given up years ago if were too unruly.) Here, we played with our food in a new way, using our sense of smell.

We did this during Halloween so eye coverings were readily available.

Rustan’s Fresh recently launched a Super Goods collaboration with some favorite local brands and sent us over a few goodies to become acquainted with. I wanted to include the children in more than just digesting the food so we had a smell test!

I took the ingredients that had the strongest scent and put them in individual cups. Each of the boys took a few whiffs and then made a guess. Spoiler alert: they weren’t very good at guessing. Ha! It was fun anyway. We smelt brown rice, ginger tea, coffee, dark chocolate and granola. dsc00089dsc00091dsc00096

I got a good laugh out of the durian. Child, you would absolutely know if it was durian. 

I happen to already have the Pili & Pino chocolate granola and it was the bomb! Theo and Philo chocolate has been a personal favorite for years and I almost fainted when I met the owner at a friends dinner party. Gawad Kalinga (GK) is an organization I have been familiar with primarily because of their NGO causes. Especially during Typhoon Yolanda as they were the most suggested local organization to donate to. GK does a lot of service learning with international schools, all the more reason to support them. They even have a farm you can visit just a few hours north, it is on my list. Dr. Jerry’s coco nectar has replaced maple syrup and honey for me. How is this not be exported by the truck load to America? And we get here in our local groceries for a fraction of the price. Boo yah! For a non coffee drinker like myself Bayani Brew is the way to go. It’s decaffeinated herbal tea with a healthy sweetener pak ganerne’d with flavor. See what I did there?

Holy Carabao has appeared on here a few times because it is a local company that holds my admiration. The two women who started the organization are a power for good and they produce all around great products. A sweet friend send me a birthday box from HC and it was hands down one of the best gifts I have received. DSC00430.jpgDSC00444.jpg

Their dill was the sharpest dill I have ever had in my life. Who know I would have the best dill in The Philippines? She is the gift that keeps on giving.

Smell ya later,


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