Toast, Bites In New Manila

img_9097img_9092Manila has so many diverse pockets it could decades to explore them all. It’s invigorating to drive though a new barangay and not only see but feel the difference. Little Baguio in San Juan lives up to its nickname. It is charming and even a little fun driving on the rolling hills. Tucked in behind a few swerves is a quaint cafe, TOAST. img_9088Shall we start with interiors? I am always a sucker for a bright well lit space. It felt minimalistic inspired but welcoming not impersonal. In fact, I took a few tips for design inspiration from my visit. img_9071The menu was a perfect counterpart for the setting. It was full of flavor but not over the top. TOAST knew how to marry ingredients and I respected the choice to not over do it with any one ingredient or flavor. img_9075I suppose as a prelude to the photo below I should tip you off that the owners of TOAST are also high quality meat importers to Manila. img_9074img_9087This bread pudding was to die for. I am such a sucker and this one did me in. It is very sweet and pretty much a dessert for breakfast. img_9079Also, bloggers gotta photograph, right? I have loved meeting these individuals along my Manila journey. It’s always a plus to eat and enjoy one another’s company in beautiful places.


135 Hoover Street corner Argonne Street,
Brgy. Addition Hills
San Juan del Monte
Call 0917 510 1488

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