High Tea, Shangri La The Fort

dsc00163Manila has everythaaaaang. I wouldn’t say I am a fancy person, obviously not because I am using the word fancy and my other party was in my garage so…but I do love myself a good high tea. I have a sweet circle of friends that I have come to love and cherish, you have to have these women to survive living abroad. img_9227One of these friends is a magical wizard. High tea is usually afternoon tea but since we all have school age children we needed to be home earlier. My friend used her magical powers to get an early reservation for high tea! They even made the fresh scones earlier in the day. Amazing! I cannot thank Shangri La BGC enough for accommodating our earlier time. I have never had true English afternoon tea but I don’t know how it could be better than what we indulged in.

The fresh dusted scones, oh my.
Petite bites

Each guest was given their own tea selection and pot, we shared a number of various bites. Truffled scrambled eggs, scones, chocolates and muffins, oh my! The sweets were rich, the muffins buttery, the macarons flakey and the sandwiches light. The tea was strong but not overbearing. Honestly, I have nothing but good memories from the food and company.

It was so nice to put on a dress and indulge for one afternoon. I love adventuring and exploring but it felt so nice to pretend to be refined, even if just for an afternoon. If you are looking to add a new date night or way to celebrate, try high tea. Plus, it is cheaper than a full dinner menu, ha! Most hotels offer this afternoon selection. Although, they might not all be as accommodating as Shang BGC was.

I was enchanted by the chandelier that hung in the center of the room. It was gorgeous.
After a warm pot of tea and a belly full or rich delights it is only right to lounge. Alma knows how to lounge. 
Grateful for this circle of friends.

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