Escaping The Mall

For living in the land of malls my kids aren’t accustomed to shopping or spending much time in malls. In fact, my oldest loathes it and I bribe him with Pokémon Go when we are both in dire straits. I figured out a way to skip this whole ordeal and we all win in the end. Recently, my oldest was asking about mail and how packages and shipping work. Since we live in The Philippines sending letters and receiving mail is quite foreign. So, one afternoon we skipped the mall, placed an online order and waited for our package to arrive.

With so many devices having touch surfaces it was funny to see him get comfortable using a mouse, also a foreign concept to him.

This article was so fascinating to me about a young boy who picks out his moms clothes for a week! I read it years ago and it still leads much of my parenting pedagogy. While I am not there yet, I did let my oldest two have full control over their purchase with two guidelines. One, follow a budget and two pick out a piece of clothing. Obviously, we used a local website and since I am a huge fan of Filipina entrepreneurs we chose Mothering Earthlings which was started by a mother of boys like myself. The selections are locally sourced and have many crafted items which of course, I am a sucker for. Of all the items they could have picked they picked out matching shirts with the words “BIG BROTHER”. Be still my momma heart.

We worked on typing and the concept of a mail address finally sunk in. Funny to think my child had almost NO concept of how a mail system works.
Kuya wearing his Big Brother shirt. It makes sense how children will prefer clothing if they are the one to pick it. I forget this as a mom, often. Naturally, if my kids have had a hand in choosing the clothing they prefer those clothes.
Big/Middle Brother



Being the third boy means you wear A LOT of hand me downs. The little bunso was so stoked on his new shirt. It is very rare he gets something unused for himself. He pointed to his new possession and said a number of times “new shirt! new shirt!”
I try to use local products when gifting here, especially to other expats because I want them to see how much goodness is here and readily available. Shoot, you don’t even have to fight traffic you can just hop on Mothering Earthlings and have it delivered to them or you. Ta-da!

img_0548While our package wasn’t delivered to a mailbox, it was like so many packages here in The Philippines by motor bike. As they say, it’s more fun in The Philippines. Plus, we didn’t have to sit in traffic and go to a mall, I’ll call that a win.

*Thanks to Mothering Earthlings for the generous gift card so I could have this teaching opportunity with my kids. 

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  1. Cool! I was wondering if you tried ordering online on Zalora or shopee? How about (kinda like craiglist) but “safer” 😀 I have bought and sold stuff on but it’s really important to know whether or not a person is legit.


    1. amber says:

      I have done all of them! Pretty good success with all of them. Lazadas return policy isn’t great but at least I don’t have to go to the mall


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