Dept 24, Christmas and Home Decor 

Textiles, baskets, home decor, handicrafts I love it all. Markets, bazaars, trade shows I love them all. Manila Fame is The Philippines biggest trade show. While I love going, I am always so sad when I hear the reply, “Export only Ma’m,” meaning they won’t sell to me. Those words hurt my shopping heart. When I stumbled upon Dept 24 I was so happy to find they would be having a small storefront open for visits and purchase. I was even more excited when I received a text last week that they were open for business. Buyer beware, it’s full of cuteness at such an affordable price.

IMG_0669.jpgThe sisters running Dept 24 are a well-known export family but wanted to start something new, different from the Santa and angels they are most well known for. Breathing new life into their unique designs they have created a one of a kind collection. Using walis tintings for Santa and paper for star garlands, I was hooked. IMG_0683.jpgIMG_0676.jpgIMG_0671.jpgIMG_0672.jpgIMG_0673.jpgIMG_0675.jpgIMG_0677.jpgIMG_0678.jpg

Things To Know:

  • They shop is located just north of Eastwood on the across the road on the C-5. As soon as you make the u-turn under the overpass it will be on your right side.
  • They only take cash
  • It is on very soft-opening mode. Be patient and come with the expectation that it is very much a start up.
  • They can have more items made for you and I believe you can set up delivery.
  • On the left side of their warehouse there are overruns and older stocks.

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