Nerd Alert: How To Have A Star Wars Family Photo Shoot In Manila

The force is strong with this family.

Alternative title: The day my husbands dreams came true. Joke lang! Guys, we are a nerd family and I have decided not to fight it but embrace it, full on. A few years ago we visited Yexel’s and found this incredible Vader and Storm Trooper stage. We snapped the photo below in 2015 and it has become a beloved family memory. This year, our family Halloween costume was Star Wars so I figured why not do a Star Wars themed family photo shoot. {The kids also had a Pinoy Halloween.} We had the perfect location and I already went full out with the costumes. All I needed was to find the perfect photographer, someone willing to go along with this ridiculous plan. Thankfully, Lianne Bacorro of Photography By Lianne was that sweet individual who would brave this day filled with all types of crazy.

Photo circa May 2015
Just living the dream at the Death Star Ball. Yes, we are fully aware of how wrong the this whole character situation is.

Lianne is a stealthy photographer. She’s not overly aggressive but a gentle observer who knows when to give suggestions but also when to step back and observe. She also captures moments of hilarity that I didn’t even know where happening.

Han obviously finds family photos to be laborious.

Again, I didn’t even know this photo happened until I got my edits back. So darling!

In case the Star Wars backdrop wasn’t enough, Iron Man is in the same exhibit.
Baby Poe Dameron you kill me with cuteness.

We took photos at Intramuros first and then changed into our costumes at Yexel’s. My family visited in April and took a rad photo in front of this door and immediately I wanted one! Intramuros reeks of history and beauty, it seemed only right to have family photos there at least once while in Manila.

img_0028It was nice to just do our thing as a family and have these moments captured. I will treasure them. This time is such a unique one and to have these memories I can revisit and ignite these feelings. folkman-family-portrait-session-photography-by-lianne-bacorro-edited-20folkman-family-portrait-session-photography-by-lianne-bacorro-edited-40folkman-family-portrait-session-photography-by-lianne-bacorro-edited-80Guys, if you have rambunctious kids, have no fear, Lianne can handle it. Look!

Outtakes are too good no to share. Let’s be honest, moms have a hard time at family photos too! Apparently so do babies. 🙂 Of course the other magic maker of the day was Chanda Poppins. She’s the best! Thanks Lianne for our forever memories. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

And then end of a long day sometimes you need to just stop, drop and eat nuggets in a diaper.

Can we talk about her packaging? Apparently, the professionalism and good taste doesn’t stop.

Contact Lianne at on FB Photography By LiannePhotography By Lianne.


Quick Tip: The first time we visited Yexel’s the Star Wars exhibit was not roped off but when we went on the day of our shoot it was. So, make sure you call in advance or prepare for some distance. There are two branches so make sure you have called the right one. Contact number: 0906 305 9625


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    1. amber says:

      🙂 may the force be with you

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Michael Case says:

    Great photos, you guys are lucky usual visitors in Ocean Park will not be allowed to shoot with the storm troopers.


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