Craft Camp

dsc00921I upgraded my tent and bugs for gourmet food, art museums and craft workshops right here in Manila, Antipolo to be exact. Best decision ever! I love Manila and Filipinas so much. Filipinos have a vision and they go for it. A group of creatives put together a day camp filled to brim with beauty, nature and learning. dsc00888Our creative teachers and leaders were Miko of I Try DIY, Macy of Macy’s Fields, Alessa of Life After Breakfast, Mansy of Hey Kessy and Nica of Carlos&Veronica/Craft Party Ph.

We started our morning feasting on a divine breakfast at Vieux Chalet in Antipolo. You know my love runs deep for Antipolo. Alessa continues to be one of our my favorite instructors. She is a gifted teacher as she is passionate, knowledgeable, shares her talents and tips easily and is uber professional. We practiced brush stroke floras in our notebook filled with lessons and examples.

Next stop, my personal haven, Pinto Art Museum. My previous visits were all driven by a refuge to go and soak in the beauty. Today, I had work to do. With our floral field journals in hand we spent time studying the flora and fauna and practiced our sketches.

Since we were in Antipolo it was just a short drive to another dreamy location and again a personal favorite, lunch buffet at Crescent Moon Pottery. I have been a handful of times and it never disappoints. I am learning how important it is to be creative in a conducive setting so after we refueled with a healthful and flavorful lunch it was time for the next workshop in an open air cabana. Our embroidery workshop was led by Miko and Macy. Since no detail went unnoticed the whole day, we were to embroider camp patches! Ang galing, diba? BUT there is more. Alessa had taken our field journals and scanned our floral sketches and printed them on canvas for us to embroider. Amazing!

Recently, Crescent Moon opened up a new creative space on site, The Glass Bar. I had taught a sewing class one week previously at The Glass Bar and felt so good to be in that space creating again, this time as a student. Mansy and Nica took charge with the stamp carving and post card creating workshop. Again, the colors, tools and instruction enabled a cathartic for a mom to just sit and create with her hands.

I have been to a fair share of workshops and events here and Craft Camp was so organized and detail oriented. It was filled with learning, creating, beauty and fun! I only wish it was more often.

Does anyone else smother their children before they leave them?

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