Love Lokal: Beatriz Accessories 

This is a post I have so much excitement for. I love treasure hunting and I love it even more when it is in my barangay. Last month I was gifted a Beatriz Bag from The Travelling Trunk. Upon finding that it was one of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016 I felt so much Pinoy pride. If you don’t know how big of a deal Oprah’s Favorite Things are then you having been living under a rock (or out of country, lol)! (I actually did an Oprah impersonation on my IG with the Beatriz Bag) A livelihood project started by a Filipina right here in Pasig making charts in America, can I get an amen!? Of course I had to visit, we hit up a park for the boys and then a showroom for momma.


Each of these bags are hand crafted by women who lay each string separately to create a unique design.

img_0590img_0591The showroom is very much a show and stock room. When you visit call ahead and make sure it is open. The women working there are super friendly and organized. I was lucky enough to see them finishing some of the purses. img_0592img_0593img_0595It isn’t a large space so if you come in a large group be prepared to get cozy. There is a couch and they will turn on the air-con for you.  img_0597A cheeky little monkey found a bag of candy hidden away in the owners desk. Sorry Tita Carissa. 🙂 img_0598He was quite proud of himself. img_0599Tita showed my middle son how to use some of the tools. I love Filipinos so much, they are naturally so kind and happy. We are so blessed to live here! img_0603Learning from tita about how to fasten the shoulder strap. img_0604Oh my! I liked the small clutches but when I laid eyes on the cuff (and price tag- so affordable (cheap!)) I couldn’t help myself. I bought a handful to give away at Christmas. You can see the individual patterns of the string placement, impeccable. img_0606img_0607Group selfie naman! The shopkeepers were all so helpful and kind.img_0610A few months earlier at Habi Fair these tassels caught my eye and I bought over a dozen of different designs, I am partial to the pom pom. The sales lady explained that the shop is in Pasig. I loved this information knowing that I could visit and buy more. Come to find out, my beloved tassels are also from Beatriz Accessories! I have hung them on all of our bedroom door knobs I love them so much. They are meant to be a purse accessory but I love them for decor. I am adding them to every Christmas gift I give this year. I love the idea that the wrapping can be decorative but also useful. 

Things To Know:

  • There seems to be an error with the main website so use FB messenger to contact Beatriz.
  • Contact number : 0917 896 8905
  • It is very much a show and stock room and not a store front. Be prepared to really search. The titas working there are very helpful and will even find more stock in their storage if needed.
  • The items at the showroom are very much discounted as opposed to buying online or in the store, especially compared to The US prices. This is a great find!
  • They have a showroom in Makati also and in Pasig. The Pasig showroom is just across from Ace Water Spa on United St. See map below, star indicates location. screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-2-33-58-pm

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