Makiling Botanical Gardens, Dairy Husbandry UP Los Baños

The vast entrance to Makiling Botanical Gardens located at UP Los Baños

The Philippines has got it all. My friend Alma said it best, “Why are so many people going to Singapore for Gardens By The Bay when we have this right here.” And its true. We leave and travel to see fascinating places but do we appreciate what we have right here? Metro Manila really is a cool place.

Your first view as you enter the gardens.

We snacked on our animal husbandry mango and strawberry yogurt to wait out the rain. Also, if you go on this day trip make sure you go with a friend who can party hard, we spent almost 8 hours this day exploring. dsc00661

I cannot do their height justice.

I wish I knew the slightest about landscape photography to show just how majestic this place was. It was unreal. It felt as though we had enter an untouched secret world and had it all to ourselves. dsc00664There was a number of trails and even a natural pool. We will surely be back to go swimming and hiking. dsc00666The kids purifying their lungs with the clean air. dsc00671dsc00676Recently, a friend told me there are numerous Filipine indigenous trees here. I would love a guide map of some sort to educate myself.

I grew up camping in the redwoods and this place was as if the redwoods and jungle came together.


After you visit Riceworld Museum you will drive through UP Los Baños, make sure you stop at the Animal Husbandry and get fresh milk and cheese. Promise me you will! Then take your yogurt or chocolate milk and enjoy as a pre-hike snack.

Another stop you can squeeze into your agenda is the Natural History Museum just across the street from the botanical gardens. I didn’t love it but my children sure did. It isn’t the most impressive museum, especially after having just left Riceworld but again the kids really enjoyed it and that’s what is important.

Things To Know:

  • Start you day early by visiting Riceworld Museum, have lunch at the cafateria, get a pre-hike snack from the Animal Husbandry, visit the Natural History Museum and then hike, snack, swim, photograph your way through Makiling Botanical Gardens.
  • The Botanical Gardens close around 4 so be back early from hikes. Please pack out your own trash!
  • Our drive to IRRI was only one hour twenty minutes and coming home was similar time. This was Pasig to Los Banos.

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