Living The Dream: Supermarket Sweepstakes

Did you ever watch the show Supermarket Sweep? I loved that show, it got so intense. Y’all, I got to live my dream of being on that show last week during Contadina’s Shop Your Heart. From the moment I got the invite I knew I wanted to take a photo in a shopping cart. Cheesy? Yup and I don’t even care. I even researched the most functional way of getting in the cart and the best angles for photos. (laughing cry emoji) Not kidding, I showed up to the event with the photo in mind but not the recipe I was supposed to be shopping for. Grabe, the stress naman. But seriously, I winged the recipe and got that photo so I consider this a win win. *Sometimes I wonder if people know what they are getting into when they invite me to events

Don’t even care how dorky I look, it was worth it! Also, Robinson’s at McKinley Hill is swanky. I was loving the lentil selection and cute shopping baskets.

My loot

Contadina is a legit good product. Often when I get samples or swag it is a one time thing but more times than not I am grateful brands have shared their product with me because I really do like them and they have converted me as a brand user. Contadina is affordable and good quality. I am a middle range shopper so I like when the peso matches the quality. dsc01190Since we shopped so hard we needed to carbo load and we did just that at Ponte Rialto. The noodles are prepared in house and the pizza was perfect. IMG_0842.jpg

I am so grateful to have Filipina friends who teach me flavor combos and new Tagalog phrases.

I winged my recipe from a dish my brother made me years ago when he returned from serving a two year mission in Italy. It was the first meal we shared together after two years. I remember the mild crunch of the yellow bell peppers and spice of the chili flakes so well. *I loosely based the recipe from Jamie Olivers Pasta Peperonatadsc01201dsc01205dsc01212

Contadina has hit most of the Makati/Ortigas supermarkets and will continue to roll out to major grocery stores in the metro. We have it on the shelves at our local SM in Pasig.

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