Quezon City Experience Museum, Quezon Memorial Circle


Move Over Mind Museum, QCX Is Here. The phrase is bold, but I am serious. The Mind Museum held a beautiful place in Manila dwellers hearts for a long time and has served and continues to serve its beautiful purpose. It’s a great place to walk to if you live in BGC and the out door science park is serious fun! However, it is not a place you can return to often if you are on any type of family budget. (Except I did manage to find a way to purchase discounted family passes) So, when I went into a very unknown-to-me museum and was completely floored by it’s near perfect execution I was overflowing with encouragement and so pleased for the 100php entrance fee. Quezon City Experience or QCX is Worth. Every. Peso.

For a city that runs on social media, so many gems are hidden under a rock. With a city as dense as our this isn’t surprising. However, for me the exploring ignites a fire in me. Fuels me to seek deeper and adventure more. Lucky for me, I have a great community on social media and they will often share places to visit. I love how much Filipinos love their home, with good reason. I am so grateful they share their gems with me. Sharing is caring. Exploring is happiness.

The grounds at the QCX are well manicured and clean and are lined with picnic tables. I highly recommend a picnic here. *The grounds near the monument are not as tidy.

The beautiful entrance show casing what is on the top of the Quezon Shrine, mourning angels holding sampaguita representing the different regions of The Philippines.
This is the first exhibit and represents the hill where Quezon pondered about his forthcoming city. Each podium has an interactive tablet teaching about different elements in QC from business to housing developments.


The second exhibit can be scary as it represents an ancient myth about a female ghosts and depicts various war scenes.

Again, I was floored with the beauty and excellent curation of the museum. This was the architecture exhibit show casing the unique buildings and their creators that incorporate Quezon City. It was marvelous! DSC02314DSC02317

Araneta Coliseum, perhaps you have seen a concert here
Santo Domingo Church, a place I must visit


Quezon Hall, no wonder it is on display in the architecture exhibit. Stunning!
Massive Iglesia Ni Christo church on Quezon Ave. It is remarkable to drive by.

The Projects exhibit was so captivating! There was a huge real estate boom in terms of neighborhoods in Quezon City. It was so interactive to walk through an era of time when all this was sprouting. DSC02333DSC02325DSC02328DSC02329DSC02330DSC02332

Apparently, you can never go to enough jeepney museums. My boys loved driving and crawling all over the jeepney. While they played I was educated about jeepney culture. It was so enthralling to learn the whole culture, even about the music! One of my favorite aspects of this museum is how interactive it is. They executed it so well. DSC02336DSC02334DSC02345DSC02349DSC02352

The Education exhibit was another big hit! The classroom has an interactive tv where you learn about Filipino education. Again, so hands on! DSC02354DSC02358The Library/University exhibit could have been my favorite spot. The large mural made my heart flutter. The Alice in Wonderland-esque book piles, statues and another interactive screen were breathtaking. Gah, I want to go back already. DSC02367DSC02368

Filipino Life section included it all: food, hair cuts, construction and so much more. DSC02372DSC02375DSC02376DSC02377

Since Quezon City is the capital for radio and tv it had it’s own exhibit with a small cinema, green screen, make up room and live weather station where the kids could be a host or a camera man. DSC02380DSC02382DSC02384

Not being ignorant to the messy issues of life, art installations expressed concern for the over abundance of children in a classroom, harsh weather conditions and corruption in real estate. DSC02386DSC02388DSC02389On of my favorite installations was this pictograph of all the different barangays in QC and how they got their name and what they are famous for. It was SO fun to read. This would make an awesome art poster. DSC02390Lastly, the experience closes with a futuristic movie projecting what life in Quezon City can be like in future decades. I loved watching this dream unfold. DSC02393Since we were so close, we had to stop and see the shrine. It is big and beautiful. I just wish the grounds around it were a bit cleaner. DSC02410

Things To Know:

  • Quezon City Experience is open Tues-Sat 9 am – 5 pm. I always suggest calling ahead. We went on a day when there was a private event (not indicated on website) and I had to beg to be let in.
  • Contact: 6923332 email: qcx.marketing@gmail.com
  • Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.01.36 PM.png
  • Pack a lunch and have a picnic.
  • Near the shrine there are vendors who sells snacks and ice creams. There is also a really great plant section at the circle.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. vinneve says:

    Wow! you found another spot that perhaps other Filipinos doesn’t know about. I really must check your blog once I come back to visit PH as you know more than me though it’s been more than a decade since I left my birth Country.


  2. Eyenne says:

    Wow! We moved to QC just this year, and we haven’t explored the place yet. I’ve been wanting to go to Quezon Memorial Circle for the longest time. Because of your blog, we definitely will go there soon. I’m amazed at how you discover things I bet even Filipinos don’t know about.


    1. amber says:

      Wahoo! I am so happy to hear this! You must go. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!


    2. amber says:

      Other Filipinos tell me and then I go. Ha talaga!


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