Driving Range, Fort Bonifacio Taguig

Part II of finding refuge in the city, without actually leaving the city. Part 1 can be found here

Not going to lie, I love Manila but I am so often feeling trapped in this concrete jungle I need to find ways to either get out of the city or find something completely new. When I start to get that itch and can’t get away I go to my list of places to visit and it usually reconnects with my hunger for exploration. Manila is so deep and so vast it could take decades to unearth it’s various barangays, I will happily accept the challenge.

The same day we ventured to Heroes Bike Trail our driver mentioned he knew of a driving range just up the road. I swear, drivers are the chamber of secrets. They are all knowing! It only made sense that we should also spend some time at the driving range. A five minute drive and 180 php later we were teeing off at the Philippine Army Golf Course. (I know nothing about golf so you can laugh at me right now.)

The driving range and full golf course are located on the Philippine Army Base in The Fort.
I could have just sat and enjoyed the wide open space free of high rises and cars.
There is a shop located at the entrance for you to size and rent clubs and other equipment.
Rates for the driving range
Daddy teaching my eldest how to swing. They have teachers for hire if you would like personal lessons.
First time swinging a club
It’s more fun in The Philippines where an assistant places balls for you.


I would consider this a success!

Things To Know:

  • The driving range is located on the Philippine Army BasePhilippine Army Base located in The Fort, McKinley Hill. Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.51.00 PM.png
  • We played two buckets and rented two clubs for 180 php.
  • You could definitely combine this activity and Heroes Trail in one day.

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