Mom’s Day Out at Landers


I don’t know how I find myself in front of the camera, I blame it on Manila. 🙂 I have no proper training but I enjoy talking, being a mom, shopping at Landers and I am not camera shy. Why not do a webisode of this Momma’s Day Out? The concept of Landers Mom’s Day Out is to showcase a variety of moms doing one of their mom duties; finding nourishment for their families.

Reporting for (a different kind of) duty
Fuel from Landers food court, the dreamiest food court to exist 
DSC02137 2
This isn’t my regular morning routine. It usually contains oatmeal and dirty diapers. 
My make up bag contains an eye brow pen, tinted SPF lotion and mascara. If I am feeling fancy I might even throw some bronzer on. 


See that ring of light? It makes everyone look Hollywood ready. 
My make up team. I am laughing as I write those words. It’s fun to mix up my routine once in a while, experience something I wouldn’t do on my own. 
The sweetest host, Nadine 
The magic trick to feel natural on camera, go pro + shopping cart 
And this one did follow us a round for a little
With the awesome film crew, sorry I talk so long guys! 
DSC02147 2
You are looking at what feeds our families for about two weeks. When I am at Landers I love finding products I haven’t seen in Manila before. They get me every time! 

The meat section and frozen food at Landers is something I stock up on. I buy my chicken breast, salmon, frozen meat balls and pork shoulders. These stay in my freezer and I pull them out as needed. One trip can usually last me one month which is great!

The best price I have seen for chia seeds is at Landers. This chia pudding is a healthy indulgence. 
Mom Hack: snack time is easy to organize and clean up when served in a muffin tray.

If you follow along on social media, you know how much I LOVE suman. I am a total #sumanaddict. During this section I literally squealed with excitement and got a few looks, suman is really exciting people!

After a morning of filming, I am done and off to take my real role as ‘Mom’

Thanks to Lander’s for showing the time and thought mothers put into their roles as caretaker, homemaker, chef and so much more!

You can find Mom’s Day Out webisodes with this link.

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