VC Trading, Craft Depot At Farmers Cubao

{Please tell me you have seen Mean Girls and understand the irony of “Cool Mom” phrase. I will be teaching a basic hand stitching class at Hey Kessy’s new studio in Alabang Town Center May 15 if you wanna join, you can be a cool mom too. }

Q: Where do I find paint brushes?

A: National Book

Q: Where do I find silk screen materials?

A: National Book

Q: Where do I find wooden dowels?

A: National Book

We all know that age old tale of National Book being the answer to every project material ever needed. Guess what guys? National Book is not the only beholder of all things crafty. Liberating, diba? Now, I am a NBS lover just like the rest of them, I am however a needer of variety. I love to spice up my life and explore a new place. I was filled with glee when my friend Karen tipped me off to VC Trading in Cubao Farmers. It is prerty much craft enclaves of Divisoria and Quiapo meshed together in a store. The prices were still very affordable and the selection is mega. It is absolutely worth exploring. If you have been in search of bolas (pom poms), wooden embroidery hoops or most costume based supplies, VC has it all!

VC does a lot of embroidery for a variety of uniforms. They have a great selection of patches. You can even get yours personally designed and professionally made.

Heaps and heaps of ribbons.

A nice selection of fabrics ranging from cottons, canvas and felts.

I am partial to their woods and ropes. If you are trying your hand at macramé or banners and need wooden dowels, they are definitely here.

Thread, upon, thread upon thread. I took home some metallic embroidery thread and love the new age feel it has.

I have been really into painting wooden beads with paint pens from Miniso and stringing them into a necklace. I picked up the beads and satin cord at VC. I made my earrings using leather from Marikina and earring posts from VC. You’ll notice the metallic embroidery thread below. It is adds such a new element to hand stitching!


Things To Know:

  • VC Trading
    2nd Floor, Farmers Plaza, Araneta Center, Cubao

    Quezon City, Philippines

    (02) 912 8213
  • VC only accepts cash.
  • VC is located in Farmers Plaza Cubao, the mall is right next to Farmers Market Cubao. I would recommend going to both of them. There is a Miniso just a few blocks away at Gateway Tower Mall that has a great selection of paint pens. Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.01.08 PM.png


Other activities in the area: Cubao Expo, Art In Island, QCX.

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