PACEM Eco Park, Assumption Antipolo

You have to do a bit of rooting around but there are so many diamonds in the ruff of Metro Manila. My kids have an absolute magical childhood living here and I have an absolute magical adulthood. After we visited PACEM Eco Park at Assumption Antipolo I wanted take Manila by her shoulders and kiss her on the mouth. I love Manila and I love The Philippines (at least today, joke lang!).

keep reading to find out how you can picnic in a tree house only 1 hour from Manila

PACEM Eco Park is located on the grounds of Assumption Antipolo. As you enter Assumption the park gates are directly on your right and this beautiful entrance is what greets you.

Upon entering the park there is a beautifully curated field house museum that displays butterflies from all over The Philippines and other parts of Asia. If you have a thing for butterflies I highly recommend spending time in this very cool and well light space. If you are a shell collecter prepare to be impressed. Located in the lower part of the field house is a small room with oodles of local and well curated sea shells on display.

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There was SO much green! The density of Filippine jungle gets me every time. Located at the eco park  is a small zoo of sorts, butterfly sanctuary, organic garden that you can buy produce from, organic herb garden, bridges, tree house and oh so much more!



This was a definite first for me. I had never seen nor heard of a cassowary. This was one of those moments where I realized how I small I am in the scheme of the world. So many animals, species, cultures and humans I have never known or come into contact with. The bird blew my mind, obviously, look at how many stalker like shots I took.

Through the jungle and over the bridge to an organic farm and treehouse we go!

DSC02754DSC02760And here is where we camped out for most of our time, not kidding it was well over hours we spent here. These are the moments that stain my memory forever and I am so grateful. I hope they never wash out of my mind. The organic nature of this treehouse sings to my soul. I don’t mean that it is a tree grown with organic fertilizer but in actuality, this happened by natural design of a community that wanted to add beauty. The rickety wood and bamboo leaf ceiling intensify the charm and experience. These are the moments that sink my heart deeper and deeper into this wonderful place we call home. DSC02755IMG_5495We helped harvest petchay, kamias and papaya from the garden below.  The price has slipped my mind but it was dirt cheap. Our hands helped hold the petchay as it was rinsed and wrapped in another natural element of a banana leaf. They use a banana leaf because it is more eco friendly and free!IMG_5550I should of have had a petchay bouquet. IMG_5631These titas were the best! They shared food, laughed uncontrollably and loved on my little guys. The heart of the Filipino really is incredible. IMG_5584As we looped our way through the park we meandered through the butterfly sanctuary admiring caterpillars, cocoons and heaps of butterflies. Leaving our explorations with a peaceful walk through these delicate creatures home was great planning for the end of our experience.

As you exit you will pass the herb farm and a delightful picnic area with ample seating. There is also a bathroom located near the exit gate.

Things To Know:

  • PACEM Eco Park: Center for Peace and Ecology
    Assumption Antipolo
    Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City
    Tel.(+63-2)696-3274 or 697-2354Open From Monday to Friday, from 8.00am to 3.30pm
    On Saturdays from 8.30am to 12.00noon.

    Entrance Fee P 85.00

  • I would recommend calling ahead to plan your trip.
  • We had a marvelous lunch at Tipulo after, located in the First Leadership Academy. I highly recommend a visit there. There is a giant hill the kids can play while families dine.
  • Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.01.58 AM


Other attractions in the area: Vieux Chalet, Hinulugang Tak Tak, Jardin De Miramar, Crescent MoonPinto Art Museum and Antipolo in general.

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  1. Amy says:

    thank u so much for this blog!..I am visiting my brother in Antipolo and I will make sure to visit this place..


    1. amber says:

      Hi Amy! I am so happy to hear. Enjoy! Let me know how it goes.


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