BGC Wall Crawl

Photo from our building in BGC July 2009

BGC has matured quite a bit since our first days here in 2009. Since we moved North of The Fort and Makati three years ago I don’t spend nearly as much time there. When I do visit BGC I am reminded how very nice it is. No wonder expats flock and stay there, I don’t blame them! The streets feel clean, the malls are new and the city has tried to keep some green spaces (wish there were more). BGC has really tried to keep up with the label of a ‘global city’ adding flare and desire to its township. Filipinos can taking anything and turn it into something beautiful. For example, massive scale art all over the city, also known as Art BGC. It’s so rad!

photo 1
First day in Manila was spent at Market Market. You can read more about Day 1 Manila life in a recent article I wrote for

Last month when I had college roommates visiting from The States we did a Wall Crawl though BGC thanks to Art BGC. They were so charmed with the large colorful murals sprinkled through the city. We didn’t follow any guide or map nor see all the murals. We drove around and stopped and snapped along the way. We did this on a Sunday which I think is best for low traffic. You could also easily walk and see many of the installations. I highly recommend this as a family activity, date night or put it on your Manila visitors itinerary.

all photo credit goes to Heather Mildenstein

MAN POWER by Kris Abrigo Net One Center 3rd Ave cor. 26th StreetIMG_5168IMG_5167IMG_5169

WONDERLAND by Faile  One Global Place, 5th Ave.IMG_5165IMG_5164IMG_4522

BETWEEN THE LINES by Cyrcle  Icon Plaza, 26th streetIMG_5161FullSizeRender 2

LET’S ROLL by Dog and Pony  Back wall of Bonifacio Stopover, overlooking the Shell gas station and facing 32nd StreetIMG_4504IMG_5170

MAGIC IN MANILA by Kristin Farr  Bonifacio Technology Centre, 32nd street cor. 31st streetIMG_5177IMG_5179

THE HEART OF GOD’S COUNTRY  by Andrew Shoultz  W Fifth building, overlooking 5th Ave and 32ndIMG_5154IMG_5159I wanna give a huge shout out to the artist and coordinators who are making BGC and The Philippines globally known with its radness. Thanks for follow your passion guys.

We capped our Wall Crawl off with the new Din Tai Fung at High Street.


You can find many other resources including maps, more murals and artist information by following the links below:



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