Ayala Malls The 30th Turned Me Into A Mall Rat

Mommy and daddy date with our middle son to see Lego Batman at the new recliner cinemas at Ayala 30th. 

I have finally crossed the threshold of being a true blue Filipino, I am officially a Mall Rat. I love finding green spaces and have even written posts on escaping the mall. However, when the mall is this convenient, new and nice I throw caution to the wind and embrace my malling full on (I love how Filipinos have turned ‘malling’ into a verb).

It’s true for most Manila dwellers that you feel accomplished if you get one errand complete in one day – two or three and you are a champ. This is why I love Ayala The 30th, it is all in one place. I can knock out a few errands in one go. If you have talked to me in the last few months, forgive me, as you have definitely heard me talk about ‘the new mall’.  Here are some of the reasons I frequent this place so often.

The LEGO store. Secret Tip: They have a free build every second and fourth Tuesdays and Sundays. Call or pop in the store for the schedule.

The swankiest Bruno’s around.

My favorite salon, Piandre. If you are a blondie and want consistent affordable hair color, this is your place. Request for the stylist DM. I also just got an insane pedicure and am planning to try eye brow dying next visit.

Date night is so easy with Mystery Manila. These are so fun! My husband and I have already done two and have reservations for a third visit. I used to think they were overrated but boy was I wrong. Have you done one before? Did you solve the mystery?

A little taste of America, Taco Bell. It is seriously the nicest Taco Bell I have ever laid my eyes on. Last time we visited they greeted my husband with, “Welcome back Sir.” Yikes, apparently we are regulars.

If you go to The 30th you’ll probably find us at Jamba Juice making smoothies. Secret Tip: Did you know they will let your kids make their own smoothie (every time). Now you know!

On Friday night we used to make home made pizza but lately we have been heading up to S&R Food Court. It’s almost cheaper than our pizza at home.

IMG_5302L’Artizan is a gem and we are so lucky it is close! I have brought visitors here many times for breakfast, pastries and high tea. Secret tip: the breads all go on 50% off sale after 7 pm. (Perks of a mall rat.) DSC02539Korean desserts like Hobing Bingsu are going crazy in Manila. This is located in the basement. I can’t wait until Cold Stone opens too. IMG_2969Straight from Japan, Ramen Nagi. They have a split menu featuring their ramen on one side and their sushi and tempura on the other. After visiting Tokyo last fall I would say this ramen is legit, if I can even say that after only one visit to Japan. IMG_5758One of my favorite combos is Pure Nectar coconut water or green mango juice partnered with my shameful pleasure, Potato CornerIMG_5238Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has been surprising me with its refined and well curated teas plus their food, it is actually really good. I had a sandwich to go and was pleasantly surprised with its freshness.

Our kids were so stoked to see a Genki Sushi within walking distance. They cannot get enough of the train/race car sushi delivery.

One of my absolute favorite bakeshops, Wonder Bake is now right next door! They carry super affordable baking supplies. I have found rice crispies, cassava starch, golden raisins, dried currents and muffin cups galore.

You know I have a love for all the Japanese stores. Well, Korea popped up it’s new brand, Mumuso. It is worth a visit for sure.

I haven’t done much clothing shopping but Paez Shoes and Doughnut Bags got me hooked. Their simple styles are easy to use and are a go-to for this momma on the go.

Welp, I have thrown all caution to the wind and proclaimed myself a mall rat. I am one step closer to becoming Filipino. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 7.31.12 PM.png
Cheese popcorn stains FYI. 🙂 

Ayala Malls

#30 Meralco Avenue, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City

3 Comments Add yours

  1. vinneve says:

    Very nice! whenever I go there to visit I am also a mall rat haha! But I love the nature in PH as well. Keep on writing!


    1. amber says:

      Thanks Vinneve! It’s too hot in the summer, need to go malling. Hihi.


      1. vinneve says:

        I don’t think there’s any more hotter than living in Middle East as an expat in Summer heat of 50degree Celsius! So you’ll be alright there in Manila. Pls try to check my blog when you get the chance 😉


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