A Momma In Space, National Planetarium

The long wait is over and the National Planetarium has finally re-opened. Hurray! I am happy to report it is definitely worth it. The dome projector is pure magic and the seating is reminiscent of a roaring twenties Hollywood theater with deep blue interiors, scarlet red carpet and gold plated details that hint at art deco inspirations. The only shame is no photos are allowed inside, or dinner parties. It would be a dreamy location for a Gatsby-esque soirée.Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.47.11 AMphoto via CNN Philipinnes

There are three different shows offered at the Planetarium; A Planet for Goldilocks, Journey to a Billion Stars, and Hayabayusa. We viewed A Planet for Goldilocks which was the first show on Saturday morning. A Planet For Goldilocks takes through the galaxy finding just the right environment for a life sustaining planet. I highly recommend this one for children and I also recommend going to the first show of the day and being early. Since admission is free this month the line was long and the spaces filled up fast. DSC02900DSC02918

I loved the astrological gate on the Planetarium.

Beyond the dome projector there are a number of space exhibits. The exhibits feature models of planets, constellations and space crafts. They aren’t anything phenomenal but I will take what I can get. The dome projector is the star of the event.  (Take note that children under 4 are not permitted in the dome projector.) DSC02903DSC02904

I appreciated the little dioramas.


This model of the International Space Station was so cool!

Our visit to the Planetarium was a success and I highly recommend it to others, especially the dome projector. If you have little ones into space, they would sure love the other exhibits. Since you are already down in the area I would also strongly suggest visiting other parks and national museums as well.

Things To Know:

  • Children under 4 are not permitted in the viewing of the dome projector.
  • Reservations are only possible for groups 15-20 persons. If you have enough for a group that size it is a good idea as seats fill up fast.

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