Mount Makiling Botanical Gardens, Nature Trail

DSC02996Aaaanndd we’re back. We sought adventure. We thought hiking would be a good idea, wrong! Lucky for us, the trail was closed and we forgot our carrier. The possibility was missed on all fronts and how lucky we are because our family learned a valuable lesson this day;  while we may be explorers we are certainly not in the season of life for hiking. DSC03001The beauty of Makiling Botanical Gardens combated our sweaty whines gracefully, it is amazing what nature can do. We opted for the paved nature trail that winds through the gardens. Full disclosure, we went maybe .3 km and it took us an hour and it wasn’t even a tenth of the trail. Ha! But none the less we spent three hours observing nature and picnicking so I call it a win. DSC03035DSC03011As for the trail itself, it is nicely paved and surrounded in lush jungle. There are some steep parts and no rails so hold tight to little ones. There is also a creek that runs through the garden. I wouldn’t recommend playing in the water but others did while we were there. DSC03017There was a nicely organized map of the gardens that we followed. Besides serving as a map it also showcased some of the local species of trees and birds to be found during your visit. Along the trails many of the trees are also labeled, which I hadn’t noticed during our prior visit.

There was so much beauty to soak in. It probably isn’t true but I like to pretend all of our lungs are getting purified from all the clean air. The local flora and fauna was unreal and showing off for us that day.

IMG_7565.jpgAfter an hour of trail walking we called it quits. I learned a lesson – we need to bring other families so the children talk and play and keep moving! If your family is more apt to hiking, definitely go for the whole trail. It makes a loop and you will finish at the entrance to the park. This is also where the picnic benches are located. DSC03022

Confessions a true non-hiker

All is well as long as there is space to run and food to eat! These bento boxes from Bright Brands are our greatest travel companions. DSC03045DSC03046We picnicked under the gazebo so the boys could sit on the giant log and run around. Next time I definitely want to eat under the shadows of the trees at one of these tables. No charge but I imagine during busy times they fill up fast. DSC03050At the entrance of the park there is a funky taxidermy diorama of the wildlife in the local area. My kids loved it! Don’t miss it and the bathrooms right next to it. DSC03051

Things To Know:

  • College of Forestry and Natural Resources, UPLB Campus, Los Baños, Laguna, Mauricio Oteyza, Los Baños, 4030 Laguna
  • Entrance fee: 40 php
  • Travel time from Pasig was 90 minutes.
  • You must visit the newly opened Milk Krema that sells the local dairy products. The kesong puti and yogurt were to die for!
  • Don’t forget to check out IRRI either. It really is a cool place for kids.

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