How Suman Sealed The Deal

Pinipig Suman showed up at my door from a friend who knows my affinity for suman. 

I’ve written before about Becoming Filipino and as I have reflected on my cultural journey I have found the tipping point, SUMAN. If you know me well, you know it makes perfect sense that food would be the hook line and sinker for me. Food is my love language.

Think back to your childhood, what food reminds you of your lola? What foods are related to your memories of  sporting events (cue: Super Bowl, soccer games, etc.), festivals or tv show? Suman was the final straw that unraveled my heart in The Philippines. Suman has become my comfort food and my constant craving. I try my best to make #SumanSaturdays happen weekly. My affinity for suman has allowed me to make new friends, have deep conversations about life and have acts of love shown toward me through gifts of suman. I wasn’t kidding about food being my love language. Even as I read these words I realize how silly I sound talking about a food but suman is not just a food to me, it is an emblem of my affection for the Philippines and this time in my family’s lives. 

I am a dork and I don’t care who knows how much I truly love suman. If you also want a dorky photo with suman and kasuy head out to Antipolo

If you don’t know what suman is, a simple explanation would be sticky rice or malagkit (glutinous) rice, cooked in coconut milk, then wrapped in a banana leaf or another similar type of large leaf. Since I have never made suman (gasp!) I am trusting my good friend Wikipedia to teach me. Also, if anyone has any titas that would allow me to sit down next to them and learn the art of suman, that is a dream of mine.

Suman hails from all over the Philippines but lucky for us city folks we have a variety right here. (Here is a great list for suman all over The Philippines.) We have pinipig, chocolate, langka, sweet, savory, black, sweet potato etc. Suman is the ultimate breakfast on the go or perfect merienda paired with tablea tsokolate. Suman has me pulling over at road side stands, buying in bulk for my freezer and keeps me at my suman suki every Saturday. I love suman with all my heart. Whenever the sad day comes that we have to depart this Filipino journey, suman will surely be one of the things I miss the most. Suman, I love you! Thank you for always being there for me. You are the truest friend who always offers a bit of sweetness and a warm hug around my tummy.

Bud bud (millet), ube, tsokolate, champorado, manga, luya and langka suman all available at Sacledo Market. 
It isn’t the cheapest suman but it is some of the best. They also have freezer options available. 
Suman A La Crescent Moon in Antipolo. Make sure to try their black suman as well. 
Marison’s Sumaka is to die for! Infused with candied cashews/kasuy dusted in toasted coconut and topped with fresh mango. 
If you are feeling really naughty you must have the deep friend suman a la mode at Vieux Chalet. 
Most places in San Pablo area will serve Suman Lihiya and it is again, mouth watering. The sweet coco carmel is almost sinless as no processed sugar is used, just coconut sugar. This particular suman is served at Cafe Lago
More Suman Lihiya 
Chanda Poppins teaching me the best way to buy suman in Antipolo, road side. 
Enough for seconds when we got home. Masarap! 
Biko isn’t exactly suman but it is still delicious sweet sticky rice cooked in coconut milk with extra dark toasted sugar on top. 
Biko in Sabtang, Batanes 
When in Baguio you must indulge at Cafe Dua and don’t skimp on the suman and tablea. 
Pinipig found while strawberry picking in La Trinidad Benguet. 
Black Suman from Real Food Ph. 

IMG_3192IMG_5781If you are wondering if I am the only one who loves suman, think again. IMG_5766 2

IMG_5764 2

And that my friends, is how suman sealed the deal.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. chilisarang says:

    Masarap! Suman and hot choco (sikwate), a match made in heaven. 😊


    1. amber says:

      Agree!!! Heavenly


  2. vinneve says:

    Oh, I love all of those!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rovi says:

    Food blogging our very own delicacies, you gave me ideas on what to blog about =) Thank you and I hope you love this country even more despite the negative news happening lately…


    1. amber says:

      I LOVE this place no matter what. It’s been getting too much negative exposure, let us all be champions for positivity, even if it is through blogging about food. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rovi says:

        As a Filipina, I am very happy to know that in spite of the negative media about our country and our politics, people like you still love Philippines! Lets all blog about how beautiful
        and blessed we are to be living here in PHL.


  4. mybicolblog says:

    I love your feature on the humble suman! Suman lihiya is the best for me. I’m a little sad that it’s so hard to find here in Naga City, I remember it being my favorite snack when I was a kid in Sorsogon. =)


    1. amber says:

      Hi! Thanks so much for reading and your comment. I have a weakness for suman lihiya as well. What suman do you get down there in Naga?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mybicolblog says:

        Hello! We have the ibos which is similar to the one you were hugging in Antipolo, we have sinukmani (its really sweet with peanuts or mani), binot-ong (savory kind of suman made with sticky rice, coconut milk, a bit of salt and other spices then steamed inside a banana leaf). But if what you’re looking for are authentic and wide variety of suman and kakanin, Daet, Camarines Norte is the top destination for such delicacies in Bicol 🙂


      2. amber says:

        Oh my goodness, I want them all!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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