Everything Kawaii: Secret Kawaii Finds In Manila

Even the soda cans in Japan are kawaii. 

During my university years I attended a small international university on Oahu. Fortune found me one semester and gifted me three roommates from Japan. Kawaii [cute] is the only vocabulary I have taken away from that semester and it is no wonder it stuck with me, I have a weakness for anything cute, primarily cute paper products. I was the weirdo who spent her allowance on stickers in the fourth grade. Hello Kitty and Sanrio Surprises were my bliss. Last October my husband and I went on a getaway to the land of kawaii – Japan. I almost couldn’t handle all the cuteness and I am forever regretting my self-inflicted budget that I strictly adhered to. Bakit?!

Washi tape section in Tokyu Hands. 

Fortune has found me again and has gifted me the last six years in Asia. We may not be in Japan but Manila has errthaaaaang including all things kawaii. I have rounded up a few of my favorite resources for kawaii products. You needn’t hop on a plane to Japan or spend lots of pesos, we have the goods and prices just an Uber away.

Daiso – I am partial to this 88php store for party and bento box supplies. The space is small so skimming isn’t an option, roll your sleeves up and prepare to dig.

Miniso – Ikea meets Japan dollar store sums up Miniso perfectly. If you are detail oriented, the clean lines and organization at Miniso will be your dream shopping destination.


Mumuso – New on the Manila scene is Korea’s own 100php store (prices vary). Similar in aesthetics to Miniso but more of a focus on skin care in true Korean fashion.

Tickles – Local brand, Tickles, is a new kawaii discovery to me. They have a number of quirky items for gifts, home decor or party.

Landmark + Robinsons – Near the travel section on the ground floor of Landmark is the mecca of all kawaii paper products. I lose all self control when I step into those aisles. I am pretty sure their paper and stationaries come straight from Japan. The last photo is from Robinsons Department store. Located in kitchenwares, there are a number of cute paper party products.

The longer I live here the more I am convinced, Manila really does have it all!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. janahpinku says:

    Hello there! So glad you are enjoying your stay in the city.

    I have tried shopping at Mumuso and you are indeed correct, everything is so kawaii! 💕

    I also love shopping for the cutest stationery stuff at Divisoria. It’s the city’s ultimate shopping mecca. 💕


    1. amber says:

      Yes!!!! I went crazy with washi tape and stationary pens a few weeks ago. I’m glad you mentioned that.

      Liked by 1 person

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