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Metropolitan Museum of Manila 

Metropolitan Museum of Manila 

I loved the SAM Cafe, Seattle Art Museums Cafe. I have never actually been in the museum! Lame, I know. I'm trying to change my ways and appreciate art as I have little education in that department. I love textiles of all kinds! The MMofM had a brilliant visiting textile exhibit that originated in France. I finally made it the day before it left and I'm so happy I did. I just wish I went sooner as I could have helped pieced by of a massive quilt that was part of the exhibit.

Beyond the textiles, the contemporary exhibit was enjoyable. Contemporary isn't my favorite but I think others might enjoy.

I loved the restored pieces and historic prints they had. I was delighted to see many prices accompanied with Braille so those with vision impairment could also enjoy! Talaga!  

My oldest son was captivated with the gold and pottery exhibit. It featured exactly that, ancient gold and ancient pottery. Here's the kicker: it's in a vault downstairs! It's all displayed in glass and black velour. Very sleek.  

Things To know: 

  • 100php 3yrs +

  • Guided tour 500php/group tour 90php

  • Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm

  • Located on Roxas Blvd.

  • The current exhibit.


Things To Do: The Shoe Museum 

Things To Do: The Shoe Museum 

Treasure Hunting: Mandaue Foam aka Filipino IKEA 

Treasure Hunting: Mandaue Foam aka Filipino IKEA