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Paete, Laguna: Motherland of Paper Mâché 

Paete, Laguna: Motherland of Paper Mâché 

I've been wanting to venture to Paete, Laguna to the paper mâché town for two years. The stars aligned, mainly I remembered I had DVD players for the car and Aaker had a holiday we went. The drive there took us nearly 4 hours with a 45 minute stop at Pillila Windmill Farm, which I think is a must. The drive home only took 1.45 minutes, so...a lot shorter. We went north through Antipolo and Teresa. You could definitely go south but we live up north. *If someone does know of a better route please please share. Paete is a town I would like to explore more but that drive is a wee bit too long.

Mary Velmonte, of Takatak, shared some great tips and I am forever grateful. She mentioned Lino Dalai's shop on Kesada Street and also Kapa Kesada, which was closed unfortunately.

Maps and tips at bottom of post. Including contact info.

First stop: Pillila Windmill Farm. Wasn't on our itinerary but we drove right passed it and had to stop.  The very kind grounds men let us use their bathroom. And swing!   Kesada street all gussied for Parte festival that happened to be going on.   A sweet mother to be hard at work. I didn't realize I would get to see the taka artists at work, pleasant surprise.  If you are walking up Kesada street continue and you will find handicrafts and religious items. They had a large variety.

Things to know:

  • Long drive so pack snacks etc.

  • Stop at Pillila Windmill Farm.

  • Eat lunch at Fema's located at the end of Taniwan street. Order the tapsilog. Sarap pa more!

  • Kesada Street has many store fronts and street just underneath, Sario St., as well.

  • Many of the homes on the two streets are workshops and open for shopping. Just pop your head in and say hello.

  • Contacts:

  • Lino Daway: 0926-630-3177. Email: 05 Quesada St.

  • Micah and Sarah Matienzo: 0921-330-1334 Email: #32 F. Sario St.

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