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Empowering A Younger Generation: Smart Saver Kiddie Camp

Empowering A Younger Generation: Smart Saver Kiddie Camp

DSC06549 Manila and I have grown together. She's seen me grow and I have seen her grow. In 2009 I was happy in Manila but my happiness now has increased tremendously. Manila is on the rise with it's craft and DIY scene, restaurants and the middle class is rising. I like seeing this happen to my old friend and her people. Earlier this month I was able to see a new element of Manila, investing and empowering  her younger generation.

Security Bank has recently started a program for children (ages 7 and up) and parents titled, Smart Saver Kiddie Camp. "Aimed at enhancing kids' knowledge in money management, the camp transforms its young participants into smart savers and smart spenders." Last May 19 my eldest and I had the opportunity of joining the pilot program. We were enlightened by the FQ Mom, Rose, with an engaging interactive conversation about teaching our children young how to save and spend* money wisely. I love the topic of spending wisely as it is often overlooked. DSC06556DSC06554DSC06558At this launch there was the wonderful La Pomme and her soft plush piggie banks but also Ball Jar piggie banks for the kids to take home and implement their new saving and spending strategies.

My son was attentive during Rose's instruction and answered a question correctly gaining him the prize of her book, The Richest Man in Babylon. First he won it in Tagalog and then I won an English version thankfully. We need to work on our Tagalog and financial knowledge so it was a win win.

Do check out their website. It is very well put together and easy to use.

HUGE PERK: If you don't have enough time to set up an account at the bank, Security Bank offers a home service. Yes, you can open a bank account in the service of your own home. Oh Manila, you are a treasure. We can talk all day about trapik but what other country allows this service. :) With an at home service and empowering a younger generation with financial intelligence I hope to continue to see a rise in my girl Manila.

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