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Cheese Please

Cheese Please

IMG_2481 If you are lactose intolerant I fear you should stop reading this now. You will either have a physical reaction from so much cheese or die of envy. Just kidding! There is something for everyone during Rustan's Fête Du Fromage. IMG_6595Sometimes I am lucky enough to be a middle man communicator through le blog. I got to have the delicious opportunity of attending the tasting event for Fête Du Fromage last week at Rustan's Market Place BGC. *If you are in BGC their cheese counter is fully loaded. IMG_6624IMG_6621IMG_6625IMG_6629My one request at our wedding reception was that we had a cheese spread. I am from Sonoma, I know it is ironic that I don't drink wine, but it instilled in me a deep love for cheese none the less. I was giddy to be at a cheese tasting event. Dreams do come true!


Who would have guessed Manila would have such a large and internationally diverse selection of cheeses? They do because of brilliant minds in Rustan's team who go out and and recruit nothing but the best of flavors and bring it back to us. Spoiled, yes.  IMG_6587IMG_6639


Here was just a selection of the spread of cheeses. As you can see, there was a buffet of creamy delights. As adventured through this culinary journey we envisioned the region from where the cheese was made and what would be it's best partner to enhance flavor. Perhaps a wine, a nut or a dried fruit would make the best combination. We experienced and not just consumed.

You will see the plentiful and diverse spread below. Cambazola is the gateway cheese for brie and blue. If you aren't big on blue cheese this is your starting place. You won't regret it. Goat cheese and sheeps milk cheese are excellent for those who have lactose issues. Parmesan Regiano is not just for garnishing and grating but can be cut up in cubes and served on a cracker. Ossa Iraty was a new cheese I had never encountered before and was hands down my favorite of the afternoon. It is sheeps milk and light in fat. It pairs perfectly with a sweet soft fruit such as strawberry or pears. We experienced cheeses that had sage, Guinness and curry spices. All of them break your concept of cheddar cheese. Cheese can be so much more.

And the grand finale was creating our own cheese board! Hands down, the best DIY I have ever done at an event. A few elements to consider when making a cheese platter or board. I like a darker serving dish to help the colors deepen and pop. Start with three types of cheeses you are familiar with and add two new ones. *You can sample at Rustan's and you can also buy in very small quantity. Add in some breads, crackers, fruits, toppings and voila! You have your star of the party.


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13765723_1430049407021562_7254808078018984335_o***The sale has been extended until August 14. Enjoy!

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