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Next To The Banana Stand You’ll Find The Animal Bread Bakery

Next To The Banana Stand You’ll Find The Animal Bread Bakery

I grew up in a really small town so having directions such as, “Pass the Shell station, turn right at the railroad crossing and two stop lights up you’ll find our blue house on the left,” wasn’t uncommon. However, living the city life with know-it-all Waze has taken some of the wonder out of exploring and directions. I don’t love Waze but I do very much love Google Maps most of the time and I am so grateful we can navigate a country with technology. When I went looking for a specific bakery in Antipolo and the answer I received was, “Behind the chapel and next to the banana stand you’ll find a bakery that makes animal bread.” I was skeptical, of course, but the small town directions turned fruitful and my heart was full thinking back to my childhood and the similarities you can feel globally, no matter where you are in the world.

Japan is often known for its’ cuteness but I feel like Antipolo is winning right now in the kawaii bread department. Last December a friend told me about lechon bread and I became incessant on finding a local bakery who could fulfill my dreams of eating adorable animal bread loaves. Lechon bread is popular around Christmas time because of the holiday season so finding a bakery that was still making these special breads after the holidays took some creativity. Lucky for me, Antipolo is the gift that keeps on giving and after a morning of driving around asking local bakeries for recommendations we hit the jack pot. 


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Wells took a bit of convincing to eat his pawikan bread because he thought it was actually a cooked turtle and not bread that looks like a turtle.


Located a kilometer behind Antipolo Church on Santo Niño St. and tucked away near a banana shop you will find Albeth Bakery. Their breads aren’t on display so you have to order a week ahead but it’s worth it, I promise. You can choose from 5 different animals and sizes. I am sure you could ask them to customize an animal for you as well. The prices vary upon size and quantity. I bought 5 different animals and my total was just over 400php. It’s not something I would be ordering all the time but still fun once in a while. *You do not have to go to this particular bakery for animal bread, ask around in your neighborhood and I my guess is someone will know a place.


I am learning that being curious in this city really pays off. Whatever excites you or piques your interest, search it out, I am sure Manila has something for everyone. Happy eating!

Kita Kits,


Location of Albeth’s

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