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BF Homes Food Tour

BF Homes Food Tour

If you stay in Manila over Christmas or Holy Week then you know what a zombie apocalypse feels like. Experiencing one of the most densely populated cities in the world transform to a ghost down overnight is eery but also the best! The holiday weeks equal OPEN ROADS; Praise the heavens! We can zip down to Alabang, up to Antipolo, over to Quezon City. You name any place in the metro and we can get there in 30 minutes. Woot woot! This last December I seized the opportunity and ventured on down to BF Homes Paranaque for a food tour lead by a BF native herself. 

|First up, L'Usine Elizalde|

L'Usine Elizalde's minimalist interiors and menu manifest the slow life everyone has been chasing, and for good reason. The brightly lit, airy space with quirky details and pops of culture could carry the establishment all on its own. However, the cafe doesn't need to lean entirely on it's interiors, the simple menu is unique, straightforward and scrumptious. 

lusine menu.jpg

We started with a Golden Latte, a darling name for turmeric and steamed milk. Isn't this the most cheerful cuppa you have ever seen, diba? Bonus, the turmeric is from a local organic farm in the area. There is no coffee in the Golden Latte but obviously L'usine has many choices. 

lusine turmeric latte.jpg

Since we were at L'Usine in the morning we ordered two different kinds of toast: bacon and egg AND banana peanut butter. Toast may seem simple but I am not lying when I say these were the best variations I have ever had. Why does food taste so much better when someone else makes it? The reason why it tastes better at L'Usine Elizalde is because they order the artisan bread from a local bakery, make the bacon fresh and use local coconut as a garnish. 

lusine bacon toast.jpg
lusine banana toast.jpg

We actually ate this banana toast for breakfast the same night I visited L'Usine - I could not get enough of this combo! 

|The Details|

As you know, I am sucker for details and interiors. I love when an experience is enhanced by the surroundings and our whole BF Food tour had this element on lock down. Starting first with the exterior and interiors at L'Usine Elizalde.

lusine coffee.jpg
lusine welcome board.jpg
lusine details ll.jpg
lusine welcome details.jpg

The owners of the quaint cafe spent a number of years abroad in Morocco before their beautiful home country beckoned them to return. The couple owns The Surhouse in Baler which is why you see the surfer vibes shine through. Anyone else want to visit The Surfhouse na? I do! The styles from their different lived experiences are reflected beautifully throughout the establishment.  

lusine collage.jpg
lusine beach stools.jpg

You can feel a difference when you visit a place that has someone's blood sweat and tears ingrained in it. The owner made many of the pieces herself (thats right, HERSELF) including the chairs and tables and a number of other items in the cafe. She used her hands to cut the wood, weld the metal and paint the furniture. GIRL CRUSH! GIRL CRUSHIN' IT! What she didn't make herself, she paid local artisans and friends to contribute. 

lusine chairs.jpg
lusine staircase.jpg
lusine table .jpg
lusine backdeck.jpg

You can see the splashes of Baler surf life in the mural and the pops of Moroccan life in the metallic poufs. 

lusine loft.jpg


The amazing woman behind L'Usine Elizalde, Revic Rodrigo. You guys, I don't care how creepy it is to write about someone so passionately who you have only met once - she is the bomb! She is an inspiration and I want to be like her! Ha! After spending 8 years in Casablanca she heeded the inner call and headed back home to Manila. She opened up L'Usine Elizalde and a bed and breakfast. She uses inspiration from her prior life to add depth to her establishments. She uses her hands to weld and created furniture for the cafe. She includes local ingredients from her friends who are farmers in the menu. She has spaces for workshops, offices and a yoga space. This woman oozes inspiration! I want to follow my dreams because she has followed hers! Now, I just need to figure out what those dreams are. Thank you to those who follow your passions and inspire those around you. Thank you Revic for creating this soulful space for your community. 

lusine girl crush.jpg
girl power

Girl Power

I am rejuvenated by empowering women. our morning at l'usine elizalde left me inspired.

|Up Next, La Chinesca|

Grabe, I have never been to a speakeasy but La Chinesca might as well be in that category. No signs, just a sticker on the door to let you know you're in the right place. You guys, La Chinesca is as cool as it is allusive, and even better tasting than both those elements combined. If you want yourself a freaking bomb taco, head down to La Chinesca. 

la chinesca flatlay.jpg

|What To Eat|

Tacos and guacamole. That is all you need to know. The guacamole is hands down the best I have ever had in the Pinas, besides my own of course. It is a bit on the pricey side but worth it, ask for extra chips. 

la chinesca guacamole l.jpg

As far as the tacos go, just have a taco buffet and try them all. When it comes to Mexican food I am a purist, I don't want fusion. I ordered the carne asada, carnitas and the camaroncito. The carne asada and carnitas were bongga bongga.  I didn't love the camaroncito and will try the fish taco next time. My friend ordered the wagyu and it was divine! 

la chinesca taco .jpg
la chinesca taco ll.jpg

The salsas were all on point for my palate of Mexican food, nothing too sweet or funky - just good salsa. 

la chinesca salsa.jpg
la chinesca wagyu taco.jpg
la chinesca guacamole ll.jpg

|The Details|

Aaannnddd again, the interiors matched the experience. While La Chinesca is a bit hidden, it is certainly no secret. The space itself is quite small and was busy even for a holiday. Bar stools and small tables are set up for ample seating. If there is a wait when you visit I suggest sticking around, it is worth your time!


If You're Looking For A Sign, Don't

this is all you will see posted on the door 

la chinesca collage.jpg

|Let the gluttony continue at Cafe Alezon|

Capping off the food tour we out with a bang at Cafe Alezon. Another quaint location started by a family and their dream to open their own restaurant. After over 20 years in the US they made the bold choice to move home to the Philippines and put up shop. You can taste the love in each bite. 

One word: TURON! The crispiest of crispy turon at Cafe Alezon. 

cafe alonzo turon .jpg

My darling friend/food tour guide, Nina! Nina and her Turkish coffee, a specialty at Cafe Alezon. I was trying to figure out the unique scent coming from the coffee, my guess is cardamom. If you go and figure it out, let me know.

Nina friend

BF Food Tour Guide extraordinaire 

My girl nina organized the perfect starter food tour for bf homes

|The Details|

There is something special and unique about restaurants started and owned by families. The decor and overall feel the of the place is different, more personal. Cafe Alezon is peppered with personal touches and quirky details. It is a perfect setting for an afternoon with girlfriends or a dinner out with your partner. 

cafe alonzo l.jpg
cafe alonzo lll.jpg
cafe alonzo ll.jpg

And that concludes our BF Food Tour. Each place we visited had their own flavor and I loved them all. A huge maraming salamat po to Nadine who curated the perfect culinary line up. It always enhances the experience to have a local show you around. If you have favorites in BF Homes please comment or email me, I would love to visit again. 

Kita Kits,


L'Usine Elizalde

196 Elizalde Ave. BF Homes (9.60 mi)
Parañaque 1720

(02) 810 9181

Hours 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM


La Chinesca

248 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes (8.87 mi)
Parañaque 1720

(02) 738 0724

Tue: 5-10pm; Wed-Sun: 11am-2pm, 5pm till we're out

Cafe Alezon

 BF Homes, 146 Tropical Ave, Las Pinas, Las Piñas, Kalakhang Maynila

(02) 404 5576

(0917) 544 7586

Hours Vary

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Taal Heritage Town

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