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Pilipinas New Global Tourism Campaign: #EatsMoreFunInThePhilippines

Pilipinas New Global Tourism Campaign: #EatsMoreFunInThePhilippines

What’s your, “It’s more fun in the Philippines moment?” A few of mine are:

  • The time we were pulled on the side of a bangka through the Philippine sea

  • Riding on ATV’s at the base of Mayon Volcano

  • Washing my kids pwet off with a tabo after he pooped in a public pool 

  • Washing my own pwet with the bum gun

  • Birthday parties with loot bags and stickers full of red hot dogs and marshmallows

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Staying with theme, the Philippines Department Of Tourism and Jollibee teamed up to launch the countries newest tourism campaign, Eats More Fun In The Philippines.

Crossing Cultures Through Cuisine|

chicken joy.jpg

There are a number of different ways to cross cultures and explore a new country but the tastiest one is through food. Ube, adobo and coconut are all having their hey day on the global scene, so the tie up between DOT and Jollibee is in perfect time. 


Filipinos have a deep pride in their country’s cuisine but it hasn’t quite hit popularity such as Thai and Vietnamese food from the South East Asian region have. I really see the #EatsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign as a culinary bridge that will put the Philippines on the map as a global foodie destination. I am so excited about this new campaign and feel a deep sense of pride for the Philippines as well.

#EatsMoreFunInThePhilippines Global Exposure|

dancing jollibee ll.jpg

Secretary Bernadette Puyat is the determined leader of this global tourism crusade for the Philippines. I first heard her speak at the reboot of the #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines at the National Museum last February 2019. Sec. Berns openly expressed their mission plans to bring more global exposure and sustainable tourism the Philippines. She stayed true to her words about pursuing more global exposure for the Philippines by attending travel conferences in multiple European countries.

Once again, and this time with proudly Filipino brand, Jollibee, Sec. Bernadette is putting the Philippines on the global scene with an international commercial. The #EatsMoreFunInThePhilippines commercial is one minute full of pure magic. This is the first of it’s kind and directed by none other than the magic maker himself, Sid Maderazo. 

Dream Team|

The perfect collaboration also created the dream team of endorsers to launch their national and global campaigns. None other than Mikey Bustos, Chef JayP and Jordan Andino are the new culinary ambassadors of the food-centric campaign. Watch the awesome commercial below to know a bit more about them and the campaign.


Pilipinas, I love you porebur. I am so proud of you. Kain Na Tayo!

Kita Kita,


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