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Pilipino Library: Handa Ako

Pilipino Library: Handa Ako

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The news of Typhoon Henry is hard to watch from afar. The Philippines takes on heavy natural disasters each year. The heart of the Filipino and their resilient spirit is something I admire greatly about the culture. Todays Pilipino Library features a book for children and families how to prepare for natural disasters, Handa Ako

Handa Ako is an interactive and informative workbook that educates families about natural disasters specific to the Philippines and how to prepare for them. Adarna House has brilliantly created work spaces through out the book so as a family you can create emergency plans, packing lists and contact numbers. 


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Handa Ako would be a brilliant family activity to work on once a week and keep in your 72 hour kit. I appreciate the thought Adarna House put into the book using predominantly Filipino, I only wish they had it printed in English. 

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I am always charmed by the details of Adarna House publications, such as the scan code

May the Philippines continue to be an ensign to the world of rising up over unbearable calamities and may we learn bayinahan from this endearing culture. My prayers are with the Pinas. 

Ingat Po Kayo,


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