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Filipino Rite Of Passage: Mang Inasal

Filipino Rite Of Passage: Mang Inasal

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Mang Inasal is a rite of passage. I regret to say I did not Mang Inasal until last April. I know, crazy. Please Promise me you will eat there before your 7 years in Manila, ok? Salamat!Now you nee to know. There are no frills. Nothing fancy. Just downright cheap and masarap food. 


All Hail Mang Inasal

Alright folks, here's the deal. You need to experience the establishment itself, don't order to your home unless you have first experienced the institution. You must also eat with a Filipino so they can teach your properly how to get your mang on. If for some reason you cannot accomplish this, go make Filipino friends. Like right now. Stop reading this. Go! If after that you still cannot make friends with Pinoys, then watch and learn. When in the restaurant look around at how others are enjoying their meal. Make sure you watch them press the tsili into the toyomansi (soy sauce+calamansi) and shake chicken oil all over the place! And of course, be impressed by the many many many many scoops of unli (unlimited) rice they make magically disappear. Where does all that rice go? Hihihi

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soup is free with every meal! it's sweet, tangy and warm and sarap over left over rice.  

tsili + toyomansi

tsili l.jpg

ingredients: calamansi, tisili and toyo (soy sauce)

tsili ll.jpg

first, beat that tsili into calamansi

tsili lll.jpg

add your toyo and get going!

My Pinoy Boy

He wanted pork bbq this day and was very happy about it. 

oz ll .jpg
oz l .jpg
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Ang Saya

The happiness at Mang Inasal is real. Take a moment and look around at the families usual jovial spirit and be grateful you live in the Pinas! 

mang inasal resto.jpg

Happy eating!

Kita Kita,


Mang Inasal is located all over the country. Find one today

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