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Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Hotels and Airbnb’s: Myanmar Accommodations

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Hotels and Airbnb’s: Myanmar Accommodations

This is post two of a four post series about my recent Mommy Walk About to Myanmar. A Momma Abroad's focus is on cultivating life abroad, specifically in the Philippines, however with these few posts I share more personal matters about motherhood and travels outside of the Philippines. Regular programing will resume on Saturday. Kita kits! 

We napped on planes. We ate on trains. We slept in hostels. We lounged in hotels. In terms of our accommodations, we were financially all over the place. We sampled a taste of high end to budget friendly accommodations and enjoyed them all, other than the red eye on the flight home. 

Sedona Hotel, Yangon

trip advisor

 City hotels don't have to sacrifice resort feels, Sedona Hotel Yangon sitting pretty. Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Blogging has granted me some of the greatest friendships, I am better for them. I first met Celine through Discovery Suites here in Manila and now she is a big shot at Hotel Sedona and for good reason. No one has impeccable care like Celine. She thinks of every detail from start to finish. She goes above and beyond her job description and leads with kindness. She is one in a million and is one of the Filipinos who made me fall in love even with the culture and people.


Celine and I

Sedona Hotel had a wonderful location, incredible amenities and superb service. I appreciate Sedona’s location because it was across the road from Inya Lake, a go-to for local Yangon citizens who enjoy nature. From our floor we could admire Inya Lake from a bird’s eye view. Cannot beat that. Seeing that massive man made lake was really best from the top. I was also a fan of the location because we were near many sites but not in the bustling city (and no traffic!).

sedona + inya lake .jpg

Sedona Hotel with a grand view of Inya Lake

sedona l.jpg


I felt like a freakin’ queen during my stay. Being away from kids was already a treat but actually being treated like an adult was marvelous. I enjoyed a bath and the free happy hour of cheese, nuts and beverages in the business lounge. (The complimentary happy hour is available for rooms in the Inya Wing for Club or Suite guests and is absolutely worth it! More perks can be found here.) 

sedona lv.jpg

We ate well and slept well. The buffet at Sedona was impressive. With beautiful presentation and live music in the evening plus an international breakfast in the morning, we indulged. The staff was incredibly helpful, at one point a desk attendand helped me call a friend using his phone! 

sedona vl.jpg
sedona v.jpg

Air KBZ, Bagan

As all good things come to an end it was time to say goodbye and catch our flight to Bagan. There is always bound to be a folly when traveling so when our original flight got cancelled to Bagan we weren't too surprised, especially since they took care of the re-routing. It was a little worrisome when we showed up to the airport and the new airline, Air KBZ, hadn't been notified. In the end, it all worked out and I was very pleased with Air KBZ. 

plane to bagan.jpg
bagan airport.jpg

Bagan Lodge, Bagan

I have wanted to stay in a canvas tent for years. I am always a little bit embarrassed to say I enjoy glamping, I also enjoy dirty camping, but canvas tents make glamping so dreamy. When I first saw Bagan Lodge I knew it was the place for Mommy Walk About. 

bagan lll.jpg

Nestled on red dirt and planted between hundreds of temples, Began Lodge fits its surroundings perfectly. The red brick, Indiana Jones inspired interiors and canvas roof tops were extreme eye candy but played perfectly into the overall feel of adventure in Bagan. The amenities at Bagan Lodge were pristine and equally as charming. Our breakfast was also wonderful, the best part being their delicious cheese and nuts. When I ordered a hot chocolate at breakfast the waiter had me rolling when he said, “You want the drink of a child?” Ha, yes, I do. I have no children and I am going to drink whatever I want, even if it’s hot chocolate. 

bagan lv.jpg
bagan l.jpg
bagan ll.jpg

Hot Air Balloons and Scooters, Bagan

Tale your pick of transportation method around Bagan, hot air balloon or scooter? One is 300 USD a pop and the other is 5 USD lang. 

bagan hot air balloons.jpg
bagan scooters.jpg

The Tree House Airbnb, Yangon

Capping off the end to a dreamy trip was our nature filled airbnb, The Treehouse. This was by far the most affordable, cleanest and nicest airbnb I have ever stayed in. Our stay at The Treehouse was towards the end of our trip and when I saw the green grass and library treehouse I felt a small ache in my heart for my kids. They would have been in pure heaven here. The Treehouse is very much like an upscale hostel. The shared bathrooms and showers had me nervous at first but ended up being totally fine. The owners also keep a number of bikes on hand that guests can use to get around. Our first night I took the bike out for a ride to get some dinner just down the road. It was so liberating feeling the night air on my face as I pedaled on an unknown road in an unknown city. It was lovely. 

airbnb l.jpg
airbnb ll.jpg

Trains, Bicycles, Taxis, Ferries and (Not) Buses

I learned this trip that I am too freaking old to take an overnight bus. We reserved to take the overnight bus from Bagan back to Yangon until we realized that we are way too old for that! Why do I still need to pretend that I am young? Ha, release the grip of your youth Amber, you are a tita na! While the bus plans didn't work out we did explore using a various range of transportation. 

Yangon Circular Train is a perfect way to relax and immerse yourself in the ways of Burmese life. The train takes you on a 3 hour ride from the city out into the country and back again. It was delightful. I will share more about it tomorrow. 

circular train.jpg

Yangon Circular Train

On my first day I visited a social enterprise, ChuChu, and took a ferry across the Yangon river to Dala. After the ferry, it was pedicab or bust!  


Dala Ferry


Pedicab or bust!

The most common mode of transportation we used was taxis, specifically Grab taxi. It was super convinient and so ridiculously cheap. 


A sea of taxis in front of Rangoon Tea House

Part of the magic of living abroad and traveling is experiencing a new way of life. If there is one thing I am constantly reminded of, it is that there is no one 'right way' to live. Humanity really is remarkable and I am grateful to enjoy it. 

Kita Kits!


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