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Sushi Go At Genki Sushi

Sushi Go At Genki Sushi

I love a good theme, I think it makes life fun. I try and date Manila pretty often to keep up my end of the relationship with her (ha!), on this particular date I took the boys with me as well. We are a big board game family, thanks to my swell husband, and one of our family favorite games is Sushi Go. Beyond just the game, our kids throughly enjoy sushi as well, without fail, if our kids choose dinner it is either Pepper Lunch or Genki Sushi. On this particular night we decided to level up our sushi dining experience and bring the theme and the board game to the restaurant with us.


we dealt ourselves a hand so we could match our orders to the cards


all 3 boys were there which is why I don’t have a ton of photos (1 mom+photos+dinner+3 kids=yeah right!)


egg nigiri (Tamagoyaki) for the win!


no udon card bur we cannot be stopped


Sushi Go sits atop the throne of consumption. One of our favorite traditions to do at Sushi Go is stack our plates and count how many there are.

Little experiments with your city, such as participating in a themed dinner, create positive feelings for your place which generates happiness all the way around. Wether it be an evening eating sushi, exploring a new museum or whatever else interests you I hope you find little bits of happiness in Manila.

Kita Kita,


According to my board game aficionado husband his two favorite gaming shops are Fortress Games and Hobbies and The Gaming Library. Happy gaming!

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