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Pilipino Library: What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food

Pilipino Library: What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food


I heard a hilarious comment this week from a Filipino friend, "Not eating at a gathering is anti-cultural." It gave me a good chuckle. So much of Filipino culture revolves around food and eating, it is a great communal past-time and Pinoys are phenomenal at communities . . . and eating Filipino food. Today on Pilipino Pantry we have a darling children's book titled, What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food.  

cover l.jpg


written by felice prudente sta. maria

illustrated by mika bacani


Another bongga publication from Adarna House, this book is very well designed and can be utilized more as a reference than a children's book. In fact, I gave this book to my children's teacher as year end presents. I in fact was given this book by a kind friend and am so grateful to keep passing the title on. The pages teach more than just common Filipino foods but the history, georgraphic origin and development of these foods. You get a bit of history, a bit of culture and a lot of food! 

page l.jpg

The pages are beautifully bright and represent Filipino food and culture so well. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Filipino food through the colorful maps and directories. I love the artwork so much I am thinking of having them blown up poster size and framed. 


Like a true hoarder I ordered 10 from Pumple Pie books and cannot recommend using their site enough. The price was unbeatable (150php lang!) and was delivered in just a few days.  I will keep this stash and use for birthdays and more year end gifts. Pumple Pie books is a phenomenal resource for Filipino books and ships right to your door. I had tried to find this book at National Book and wala pero Pumple Pie had enough stock for me to order by the dozen, ha! 


Happy reading and happy eating peeps! The more we know about our host country the more we understand and the more happiness we can feel. 

Kita kits,


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