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La Mesa Nature Reserve

La Mesa Nature Reserve


This post is four years in the making.

We attempted to visit La Mesa Nature Reserve in 2013 but got misguided and ended up at La Mesa Eco Park, two very different places. This year we made it, albeit after a rain and a very muddy visit, we finally conquered (I use that term very loosely) La Mesa Nature Reserve.

La Mesa is located in Quezon City nestled right next to a water reserve. They have used the plush nature to create a much needed green trail for cyclists and trail walkers in the area. It is most well known for the bike trails.


It is an easy process once you arrive to get registered and pay the fee. It is a group price of 1000 php inclusive of a guide. There are three different trails. I highly recommend if possible doing the 6-9km trails because the 3km was pretty uneventful. The two longer trails provide some sort of pay off with a view of the water reserve. It felt like we drug our kids through the mud and muck for two hours with no real pay off. I don't regret it but I do wish there was some sort of reward for all the struggle. Ha, as you know, we are not seasoned hikers.


Despite the muddy conditions it is always nice to be away from the malls and buildings. We saw leaves the size of our bodies, counted butterflies, ate trail mix and filled our lungs with clean air.


After our trail we finished with a picnic in the fresh open air.


All in all I consider a day away from the city and in nature a win, even if it is filled with mud and bugs.

Things To Know:

  1. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH LA MESA ECO PARK! The entrance to the reserve looks like this:

  • La Mesa Nature Reserve, Quirino Highway, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila

  • This post by Manila for Kids was super helpful in planning our trip.

  • Open 6:30 AM- 5 PM

  • Price is 1000 php per group

  • We called ahead and they were open on a holiday. 0926-7499776 (Joe Pascual) or 0937-2277700 (Mar Ramirez)

  • Pack a lunch, snacks, lots of water, bug spray and all the other regular items you might need.

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