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Taytay: A fabric must! 

Taytay: A fabric must! 

Taytay is where fabric addiction begins. You don't even have to be a sewer to appreciate it. It's so cheap and usually good quality. More on my Instagram: amommabroad. #taytay

A few tips:

  • Traffic can be bad on Ortigas extension coming back into Ortigas.

  • Bring hand sanitizer/baby wipes as the warehouses/shops are dusty.

  • At the knit warehouse you have to purchase the whole piece of fabric- no cutting.

  • The knit warehouse is per kilo.

  • The cotton store has bolts and bolts. Go in with some idea of what you want or you will be totally overwhelmed. Price is 45-60 per yard. I think yard but maybe meter- sorry!

  • The places are sweaty and hot!

  • The knit warehouse is #6 in the photo and attached to Philippians Montessori- very easy to Google.

  • Cotton store is on Rizal Ave up the road from the park/tent market. It will be on your right side of the road.

Things To Do: Kidzoona

Things To Do: Kidzoona

Marikina: Motherland of Leather 

Marikina: Motherland of Leather