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Taytay 2.0

Taytay 2.0

Alrighty, I have a whopper for you today. One of my highest rated posts is my original article about fabric shopping in Taytay and closely followed by my fabric warehouse visit (photo above.) I get more emails and questions about it than any other post. I recently visited Taytay again last month and it is evident that an updated post is in order. You asked for it, so here it is. 

fabric on fabric.jpg

The beloved Cotton Store has gotten picked over in recent years. Lucky for us, I found a new one! Keep reading to find out where.

*pictured here is the heart icon on the map

How To Use This Blog Post:

  • All stores and photos shown are located along Rizal Avenue in Taytay Rizal

  • Many of the stores do not have official names so I have given them each an icon for you to easily find them on the map

  • Heart and Star Icon = Cotton; Star Icon = Elastic and Ribbons; Rain Drop and Diamond Icon = Fleece; : Triangle Icon=mUsed Sewing Machine Outlet (these are not the only stores on Rizal Ave, only the ones I visited recently)

  • The best time to visit is on a weekday morning, most shops aren’t open until 8-9

  • Please read all the way through this post to find necessary details

  • Save the maps and pins I have included in this post for your personal reference

  • Contact the vendor directly if a phone number is provided, if there is no phone number they were unable to share with me

  • Please remember, I don’t sell these fabrics I am just an appreciator, so please DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING TO BUY FABRIC. (can you tell how many emails a week I get now about supplying fabric, lol!)

Cotton On Cotton|

We now have two selections of cotton stores available, Heart Icon (not the name just the heart icon on the map) and Cloud Icon on the map. Heart Icon (lol, again not the name) is very picked over as of late but Cloud Icon still has a wide selection. They are both still worth a visit. Most prices vary from 50 - 60 php per meter.

fabrics on fabrics l.jpg

photo located at Cloud Icon


photo located at Heart Icon

rizal map taytay.png

Cotton Stores: Heart Icon and Star Icon

Elastic and Ribbon|

Just North of the Taytay public market and almost directly across from the Heart Icon you will find the Star Icon, a store full of elastic and ribbons. You won’t regret it. For around 100-200 php per kilo you will get a large bag of odds and ends. They will not cut the measurement for you, you have to buy the whole lot.

rizal map taytay.png

Elastic and Ribbons: Star Icon


A few years back fleece was hard to come by, now you can even find it in Taytay. I prefer the micro fleece that is plain as opposed to the cartoon characters BUT there are two stores that offer options so take your pick! The plain fleece is the Rain Drop on the map and the characters are the Diamond icon on the map. I have since forgotten the price but you can contact the character printed fleece (Diamond Icon) at Nita 0935-372-2886.

rizal map taytay.png

Plain fleece: Rain Drop Character Printed Fleece: Diamond Icon

Used Sewing Machines|

Located at the end of Rizal Avenue you will find a used sewing machine outlet, Triangle Icon. They carried primarily only Juki and were all table mounted. I have since forgotten the price but you can contact them at 0939-360-9070.

rizal map taytay.png

Used Sewing Machine Outlet: Triangle Icon

Happy shopping friends,


Looking for somewhere to eat in the area? Check out these three restos, just make sure they are open when you visit. Burrow Cafe is also a favorite and not far from Taytay fabric shopping, however it is NOT open on Monday and Tuesdays so plan according. Read my other fabric posts here and here. Read my DIY craft supply posts here and here.

DC's Super Heroes Cafe, Mega Fashion Hall

DC's Super Heroes Cafe, Mega Fashion Hall

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