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Treasure Hunting: Dapitan

Treasure Hunting: Dapitan

Dapitan is probably my favorite market to shop. It has a lot of items that I like; house decor, holiday decor, dishes, wooden items, plants and other treasures. The price can't be beat. Dapitan is most popular for its Christmas decorations. I first went in September and it was already full on. I went back again in October, November, April and now July. July for sure has the best selection because the Christmas decor was slower. There were less people and the prices were seemingly lower than before.

Here are some photos and tips at the end.

I have attached a map below and starred some of my favorite shops/locations. These aren't the names but just the general area.

Blue Star: Chona and other stalls. Here you'll find glass bottles, serving ceramics, odds and ends. At one end of the street there is a basket stall and on the opposite end plants. update: Annie is next to Chona and is fantastic as well. Her Instagram is notjustjars.

Red Star: Many stalls along this road but one has the largest and cheapest selection of wooden dishes.

Green Star: Dapitan Arcade indoors has mirrors, paper lantern, ceramics, holiday decor, paper mâché letters etc.

Yellow Star: This indoor shop is a bitter more pricey but has numerous Pottery Barn rustic decor pieces. As you enter keep to the left side and proceed to the back.

There are shops and stalls all over. These are just the ones I have had good experiences with. Please feel free to share any others.   Things to know:

  • Go before The 'Ber months.

  • It can be dirty so bring wipes and sanitizer.

  • Parking is available all around Suki Market.

  • Opens around 9 am.

  • There is major road construction happening in front of Dapitan arcade but everything is still open.

  • There are lost of animals around so the smell can be quite strong.

  • There are a number of different places to go just next to Dapitan arcade. Please look on map and photos.

  • Easiest way to get there is to head up on EDSA, turn left onto Quezon avenue, take it down for quite a while, turn right on Kanloan St just after the Burger King. Suki will be on your right just a few blocks up. Park and walk around to Dapitan.

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