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Things To Do: Hillside Cafe and Cedarhills Nursery

Things To Do: Hillside Cafe and Cedarhills Nursery

Pardon me for sharing this same story but it helps give perspective. A Pinch Of Yum wrote a fabulous post on Cebuano Humba. She sweetly encourages Americans to get over their fear of pork belly, and boy was she right. Humba is so friggin delicious. I feel the same way about life outside of Makati.    I've said it before and I will say it again, get over your fear of "The North", there is life beyond Makati. Quezon City has been my new treasure trove as of late and man, is it plentiful. Just a quick jaunt up EDSA and boom, The Garden of Eden right here in QC. The boys and I meandered for two hours scowering over each section and plant. While all our plants were getting potted and rung up we headed to Hillside for lunch. Located directly to the left.

Hillside made the experience all that much better. The setting itself is so organic and light. The staff was the best staff I have come across in Manila in regards to my children. That's hard to beat considering The Phils love kiddos. The food was simply divine. Simple food with immense flavor. How can a simple dish with a few alternative and healthy ingredients intensify the food affair so deeply? I know not, just happy to partake.

Do yourself a favor and put this on your calendar for your next day trip.

Things to know:

  • Cedarhills open Monday-Sunday

  • #57, Mo. Ignacia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila

  • Hill Side Cafe and Juice Bar open Monday-Sunday. Connected to Cedarhills.

  • Cedarhills offers gardening classes. Would love to try soon.

  • You can bring in your glasses or tins to use as pots etc. The gardeners at Cedarhills will reply your purchased plants/succulents for you.

  • Sugar pumpkins and gourds will be available in October.

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