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Eco Friendly With Loop.


Manila really does have everything and that includes eco-conscious and fearless millennials. While Manila can have intense pollution and a bay full of rubbish, I believe that Manileño millenials are leading an eco-conscious crusade. A few months back I took advantage of the open roads one Sunday morning and ventured up to Loop. in Quezon City, which was indeed opened by a young forward thinking millenial.

The original reason why I headed up to Loop. was to pick up Zippies, reusable ziploc bags and mesh produce sacks. From what I can tell they are the most affordable option we have locally. They are locally made by recycled water bottles! So cool, di ba? Anyway, I will dodge any chance I can to avoid a bank deposit so instead of ordering online I drove up to Loop. to pick some up.

Project 1 Phone By Globe|

This was a first, when we entered the store a Project 1 Phone Donation spot from Globe greeted us. This is a place to donate old electronics and phones. Again, so cool di ba? The kids played with all the used and broken electronics while I shopped. :)

loop l.jpg
loop ll.jpg

The Goods|

loop vll.jpg
loop Vl.jpg
loop lll.jpg

Most of the organic and eco friendly items were imported but they had a few local options as well. I believe the owner of Loop. also owns S I P which is a local company and they had tons of stock of straws and cutlery sets. They also had a detergent/soap refill station.

loop vlll.jpg
loop vllll.jpg
loop x.jpg
loop lV.jpg

The store is quite small so don’t expect a large space stocked to the brim. Instead, expect humble beginnings for more greatness to come. Again, I am super grateful for millenials and other thoughtful and dedicated citizens for blazing a path and bringing eco friendly products to our community.

Kita Kita,



unit 30, 68 don a. roces avenue,
obrero, quezon city 1103
10:30am – 7:30pm • Tuesday - Sunday

(02) 241 - 8419 •

Here’s a photo of zippies for your reference.


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