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National Musuem of The Philippines: Manila

National Musuem of The Philippines: Manila

The month of October is free admission to The National Museums. Today we explored two of the branches, National Art Gallery and Museum Of The Filipino People. I am planning to go back to The Planetarium and dedicate one post entirely to it. The National Art Gallery was stunning. The building itself is a classic beauty that feels so regal and fitting for a musuem. There were so many exhibits we barely got through two. Plus, we went with playgroup so a bunch of toddlers running around an art gallery is madness. I would like to go back sometime to full appreciate all the gallery has to offer. It is a place absolutely worth spending time in. Peaceful, colorful, well curated, cultural, cool temperatures and in a historical building.

The Museum of The Filipino People was even better but in a different way. It was more kid friendly which helped me enjoy it a bit more. Again, we only were able to explore two exhibits but they were phenomenal. Photos tell more info below.   The exhibit featuring the artifacts and cultural pieces of Islam in Souther Philippines was riveting! It's so different than my meager knowledge of traditional Philippines. The clothing, textiles and architecture felt much more South East Asian in comparison to a Catholic Western feel in Metro Manila. I wanted to go shopping in this room. I'll take one of each. ;)   My friends taught me that this tool is used to desiccated coconut. The detail in every piece in the exhibit was so intricate and incredible to think about. The kitchen tools had such detail as does the yarn wheel and musical instruments. What a rich life!  The Origin exhibit could just be a museum and destination all on its own. We spent most of our time here as it was so child friendly and interactive.  Upon entering the museum there is a bahay kubo you must let your children play in. I had no idea they were so spacious inside. It was fascinating! My friend noticed the container sitting on a shelf and it was a geocaching from 2002! We all got a bit excited and want to start geocaching now. Ha! Things to know:

  • The National Museum and its branches in Metro Manila are open from Tues-Sat 10am-5pm.

  • Prices range from 50-150pho. Bring ID and you must sign the guest book.

  • Group tours can be scheduled.

  • Bags must be checked at the door but strollers are allowed.

  • Bathrooms are very nice and have toilet paper! Ah yeah!

  • Each different branch is within walking distance but driving is obviously more convenient.

  • It is located between Rizal Park and Intramuros. Near Museo Pambata and U.S. Embassy.

  • National Museums are located in many regions not just Manila.

  • If you can, break up the visits. If not, gear up for a long fun day!

Rustic Mornings, Marikina

Rustic Mornings, Marikina

Strollin' With My Homies: Coming to a Manila near you! 

Strollin' With My Homies: Coming to a Manila near you!