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A Momma In The Making

A Momma In The Making

My very first post on this blog was titled, "A Momma Abroad In The Making," on July of 2015. It has been such a fun ride these last six months. I never new the positivity that would come into my life from the social media community of The Philippines. It has changed my perspective, broadened my horizons and enriched my relationships. I am forever changed for the better. With a new year on its way, resolutions always weigh on my mind. After jumping on the Kon Mari bandwagon my vision is a bit more clear. I am more inspired about aspects of myself and my life. I can see better what brings joy and will stay in my life. With that clear scope I can also narrow down what needs to be resolved with gratitude and dropped gracefully by the wayside.

I assume this is common practice that we as human beings make goals at the start of a new year to drop a few pounds, use a kind voice, save money etc etc etc. All very good aspirations, with out goals we cannot see gains and progress which leads to constant motivation. This year however, I am approaching these resolutions a bit different.

For the last multiple years these have been my goals:

  1. Lift weights

  2. Talk less

  3. Don't be flakey

  4. Use a kind voice with my family

  5. Attend church meetings on time

  6. Read a book every month

This year they look similar but feel more meaningful as I was able to accept more of myself, large part due to Kon Mari (silly, I know), getting older and having more kids (i.e. caring less of what others think because I am too tired) and largely to the vulnerability and fulfillment of blogging and Instagram (a large post for another time but the main point is putting my focus into positivity and receiving that energy back).


  1. Continue with a fitness plans that makes me happy and gives me results. (I did weights for a few months and enjoyed it but didn't love it and eventually stopped once I found Electric Studio and Muay Thai, both which I love so very very much.)

  2. Be more thoughtful with my words. Pause before speaking. (I have such admiration for wise women. I want to be one but unfortunately I don't think very long before the words and thoughts inevitably fly out of my mouth. :)

  3. Again, being more thoughtful with my words, time and money. Often times I say yes to an activity because I don't know how to say no. I will ask myself, "Do I really want to spend my time/money/resources at this activity/event/person?" I find others honesty so refreshing when they kindly decline an invitation because it is not their thing.

  4. Investing in my children and how we play. Alison wrote a fantastic post that continues to resonate with me about investing in those who invest in you. I am going to spin this a little for my current motherhood phase and invest in time (activities) and play (resources) that will allow me to invest in my children and motherhood. For example: I don't love going to our park for hours on end but I do love the stomp rocket. Investing in a fun resource that allows my boys and I to have meaningful play is a win win. Magformers are another. I can play with those things all day. Chris Van Dusen and Oliver Jeffers are two of my favorite authors that we all enjoy! There is too much to be covered in this topic but there is much much more!

  5. I am going to save my more personal and spiritual goals for myself. Something to keep just for me. :)

I am leaving this post a bit open ended and hope maybe somebody out there will share their thoughts. Research shows that you should set measurable goals; how do I measure my thoughtfulness of words? How do I measure the quality of playtime with my children? Perhaps that is another resolution unto itself...hmm.

May this year be full of love, light and hope. I wish you all the best.





Cafe Lago, San Pablo, Laguna

Cafe Lago, San Pablo, Laguna

Paseo Rizal 

Paseo Rizal